View Flutter Live at the Wrike office on December 4th

    Let's see Flutter Live on December 4th at Wrike St. Petersburg office together!
    We organized an open meeting and are waiting for you on a visit to Wrike to watch the Flutter Live broadcast for pizza and drinks. At the event, which will be held in the London Science Museum, the development team presents the latest news and updates Flutter SDK (an open platform for the native development of iOS and Android applications with a single code base). Popcorn is already in the microwaves;)

    What will be in the broadcast?

    As the Google writers themselves write, “You will hear from the team of partners, technical content, and updates. Wherever you are, you’ll be building with Flutter. ”

    What awaits you in Wrike?

    Delicious pizza, cold drinks and warm company Dart and Flutter developers, with whom you can discuss all the news heard.

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