Mobio Talks with Irina Shashkina, CEO Lingualeo

    Mobio Talks is a program in which we interview interesting and significant personalities of the mobile industry. The first guest was Irina Shashkina, Managing Director of Lingualeo.

    Prior to Lingualeo, Irina headed the marketing department at Groupon Russia, the development department at Rambler & Co, and also founded her own business, the first contextual advertising agency to pay for results.

    What was discussed in the interview:

    • Investments for Lingualeo and the impact of the crisis;
    • Service development in Russia and abroad;
    • Mobile vs Web;
    • Attracting users to the application;
    • Manager life hacks;
    • Company life without HR;
    • And much more.

    For those who are more comfortable reading, we have prepared a text transcript of the interview.

    Write your opinion about this program, we will try to take into account all the comments in the next issues.

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