The digest of interesting IT projects on Kickstarter №7

    Inventors continue to replenish Kickstarter with interesting IT projects. We offer to your attention a digest for February 2019.


    OBSBOT Tail - the first artificial intelligence camera

    OBSBOT Tail - the world's first video camera with artificial intelligence. Users will get a number of exciting opportunities, thanks to high-quality equipment, powerful application and advanced algorithms. For example, the built-in AI automatically monitors a given goal, which can be changed on the fly, has an internal video enhancement algorithm, allowing you to apply filters and apply additional settings during the shooting process, to conduct live broadcasts. All this at a resolution of 4K with a recording rate of 60 frames per second. Price from $ 450.

    Crave 4ORCE - the most durable USB cable

    Crave 4orce

    Crave 4orce

    Many companies have conducted many tests to prove that they have the best charging cables. But did they try to drag a DC-3 plane or fix a person to the balloon with their products? The guys from Crave did it. Price from $ 35.

    PYXA - DIY Game Console

    Create your own gaming console and create your own video games. PYXA comes in the form of a universal set for self-assembly, allowing users to create their own game consoles and create their own video games, while at the same time learning programming. The assembly process is quite simple and does not require any tools or special skills. The resolution of PYXA is 128x160 pixels, 18-bit color. Price from $ 63.

    FoosFit - a robotic kicker trainer

    Do you play kicker and want to hone your skill in attack? FoosFit is programmed according to your style of play, it has three variable indicators: speed, position and range. Price from $ 350.

    Taihe Gemini - Portable Touch Monitor

    Taihe gemini

    Taihe gemini

    A fundraiser for a new 15.6-inch portable monitor Taihe Gemini has been announced. According to the manufacturer, the monitor can be used not only with computers, but also with Android devices. Gemini comes in two versions: a lower version with a resolution of 1080p (FHD) without a touch screen and a higher version with a touch screen and a resolution of 4K with a stunning 10 mm metal case. Taihe Gemini comes with a set of ports, including mini-HDMI (x2), USB-C and two micro-USB. The average claimed battery life is 5 hours, the battery capacity of both versions is 5000 mAh. Price from $ 219.

    nuka - the "eternal" notebook



    The nuka notebook does not tear, does not wrinkle, is not afraid of water - and you can erase the records, even those left with a marker, with a special solvent. The notebook is waterproof, its pages are made of composite plastic, which feels like ordinary paper, but much stronger. The campaign on Kickstarter will begin on February 26, a set of notebook, pencil and solvent will cost $ 59.

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