Case Rate & Goods and Mobio: Incremental increase of all indicators

    Creative approaches, analytics and the team involved are the successful formula that will help in the competition for customer loyalty. As it turned out to surpass the organic traffic, read under the cut.

    Service for finding and selecting the best products Rate & Goods collaborated simultaneously with several mobile marketing agencies. The goal was to evaluate the traffic on the example of different agencies and select the most effective contractor to promote a mobile application. The history of cooperation between Rate & Goods and Mobio began on September 12, 2018 and continues to this day.

    In this case we will describe the approaches and creative concepts that the Mobio team used to achieve client KPIs.

    Information on the advertising campaign:

    Sources: myTarget.
    Geo: RU.
    Platforms: iOS, Android.

    MyTarget (Mobio first tests) → increased the retention rate by 10%, the percentage of barcode scanning by 3%, the percentage of feedback left by 0.5%.

    MyTarget (Mobio after optimization) → increased the retention rate by another 15%, barcode scanning percentage by 14% and reviews by 1%.

    The results of the advertising campaign for two months.

    Case Description

    Rate & Goods is a multifunctional application, the purpose of which is to give the user the most complete information about the product. There are quite a few scenarios of user behavior in the application. Therefore, the Rate & Goods team needed to check various UTPs in order to identify the most conversion users.

    The application Rate & Goods has more than 2 million users. A new traffic service received from organic and myTarget source. But the main difficulty was the retention of users in the application (retention).

    Tasks from the Rate & Goods team:

    - Increasing MAU (unique users who visit the application at least once a month).
    - The percentage of barcode scanning is at least 70% (main metric).
    - Increasing the number of reviews left on products posted on the Rate & Goods service.
    - Find users with a high RR (retention rate) by week.
    - As a guide for Mobio, the values ​​of organic matter and the tasks set by the client were made.

    Creative approaches and stages of promotion

    The application Rate & Goods is rich in functionality, so there was a desire to diversify the approaches and thereby expand the target audience, increase the overall involvement of users. For the development of creatives have made approaches based on the functionality of the application. On creative banners they displayed:

    - the ability to read reviews, watch prices and ratings, including from Roskachestvo and Roskontrol;
    - the ability to store discount cards on your smartphone;
    - the ability to keep track of expenses.
    - the composition of the products.

    Stage 1. Checking what will hook the audience with static banners

    Before embarking on video creatives, we began the test with static 1080x607 banners. This format requires less time for production and allows you to define working approaches for further video shooting.

    Examples of approaches:

    The best indicators of quality were at the banner # 1 “Find out where it is cheaper!”, But there was still not enough quality to fulfill the conditions of scanning and reviews.

    Stage 2. We remove and test the video creatives
    Before we started preparing the video creatives, we already had experience using the application and the personal involvement of the team. We were also helped by tests that showed which creatives the audience responded to better in terms of attitudes and internal metrics.

    The first pack of clips gave a significant increase in the percentage of barcode scanning of goods. A new format allowed not only to raise the quality, but also to increase the daily cup volume by 40-70% of the previous volume. In the future, growth was progressive, so the client agreed on an upper limit on the volume of mobile installations for a more even distribution of new users during the month.

    One of the creative ideas was about a husband who went shopping. In the tests, it worked best and showed good performance: CTR 1.8%, CR in installations 35%.

    The power of analytics

    After conducting an analysis among those users who installed the application, we found out two features:

    women scan barcodes of goods much less than men;
    Least scan 18-22 m / g.
    Since we wanted to reach the widest possible audience, we shot a video to pull up the percentage of feedback left by women.

    A new call-to-action video met our expectations, and we went to planned CTR of 2.2%, CR in installation 51%. CR in the installation increased by 31% compared with the previously shown video creative with a story about her husband.

    After analyzing the market and marketing research, we found that according to statistics, dairy products are the most popular among Russians. We decided to test this data in practice, and made a video with milk quality check. The figures were as follows: CTR 3.1% and CR 58% in myTarget. This was reflected in the percentage of scans, which confidently exceeded the KPI.


    After the optimization of the advertising campaign, the increase in loyal users led to an increase in retention, which surpassed organic traffic. During the advertising campaign, we have reached the rate of more than 40 thousand installations of the mobile application Rate & Goods. The CR in barcode scanning increased from 30% to 75%.

    Thus, the involved team, analytics and correctly selected creatives did their work and showed the best results. Collaboration continues now.

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