Microsoft told about the cost of paid support for Windows 7

    From January 14, 2020, Windows 7 will turn into a pumpkin and will stop receiving updates . Microsoft stops supporting this OS, but leaves the possibility of a paid subscription to updates - this is necessary, for example, to companies that can not abandon the "seven" for a number of reasons.

    Previously, the cost was not announced, representatives of the corporation only said that the price would increase from year to year. Actually, this is quite logical - no software product can be supported for free for many years. It is necessary to allocate resources for this, and it is clear that Microsoft does not want to do this for free. So, now the company has told about how much it will cost to subscribe to the updates of the "seven".

    This is a service Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (Windows 7 ESU), which will work for three years. Its subscribers will receive patches / fixes similar to what the corporation provides to OS users now. The network got a screenshot with prices (the quality of the "picture" is not too good).

    For users of Windows 7 Enterprise and Microsoft 365, Windows 7 ESUs will be provided as an add-on. This was told by the corporation itself, sharing information with its partners. Well, they have already told the whole world about it.

    From January 2020 to January 2021, the corporation will provide a subscription for $ 25 from the device. Yes, this is a yearly subscription, so the price cannot be called too high. The second year will cost users $ 50. The third year will be the most expensive - the subscription price will be $ 100 per device per year. If a company has a lot of devices running Windows 7, then it can turn out to be a significant amount.

    Unfortunately for Windows 7 Pro users, subscription will be more expensive for them. The first year is $ 50, the second is $ 100, the third is $ 200. So far it is unclear whether there will be discounts for companies whose fleet includes dozens or even hundreds of systems running Windows 7.

    There is one more problem - as far as it can be understood, a paid subscription to updates after 2020 will work only for Windows 7 clients from educational institutions and businesses. Regular users can't seem to get a paid subscription. In addition, we are talking only about versions of Windows 7 Pro and Windows 7 Enterprise. Office 365 ProPlus will work on such systems until January 2023.

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