Windows Server 2016 - Meet First on UltraVDS

    Dear friends and colleagues!

    As we promised you, UltraVDS was one of the first VDS providers in Russia to provide the ability to install the latest server operating system from Microsoft - Windows Server 2016 on virtual servers !

    The image for downloading on the Microsoft Partner Portal appeared last night, and today after 14:00 (Moscow time) you can start using Windows Server 2016 on our virtual servers.

    Much has been said about the innovations of the operating system, including on Habrahabr. However, I would especially like to note the interface, which has become completely identical to the version for Windows 10 desktop computers. After all, most of our clients use the server as an alternative desktop, which is available 24x7 to work from anywhere in the world. We are sure that you will appreciate the new features of Windows Server 2016.

    UltraVDS is one of the leaders in the Russian cloud technology market, using the most advanced equipment and technologies to provide the highest quality services. Thousands of organizations and even more individual customers around the world trust us.

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