Ethical Activity Automation

    Hi Habr! Today I would like to talk about ethics, namely ethics in the professional field. It will be a question of services of fake activity and of those errors in which they can result both the ordinary ordinary user, and the professional of development sphere.

    So, let's begin. What I mean by the phrase "fake activity" is not difficult to guess: it is the manipulation and compromising of the data that are responsible for the indicator of your activity, or more simply, of actions on the Internet. With this, of course, every one of you who used social networks at least once came across: VK, Instagram, and so on.

    I will describe this scheme on the example of Instagram: each person has his own account, and for developers API access is provided. And what did we think of? Launch bots that will show all sorts of activity through a person’s account (put likes, subscribe, comment on other people's posts, or even independently manage a page using the example of @neuralcat ). And soon this opportunity began to actively use the business sphere. Attracting a new audience by targeting according to certain criteria and carrying out activity on their page. Everything would be fine, but over time it went beyond all limits. Every day dozens of incomprehensible accounts like your photos, leave spam comments mark you on photo sweepstakes and so on.

    Bot activity went beyond all limits of prudence that today Instagram closes its API, and here is one of the reasons: “Most of the services that work with auto-posting, likes and“ OML-like likes ”- do this via private api - through“ password \ login "And not through the official API."

    And now let's move on from the example from Instagram to an example more related to us, programmers. Meet, GitHub - the largest web service for hosting IT-projects and their joint development. It also has an activity indicator:

    And now let's take a look at the following activity screenshots:

    And here I have a question: is this correct at all? On the one hand, a person wrote a script that keeps his activity indicative (well, if he wrote it himself), but on the other hand, imagine a situation where, for example, a recruiter or some other person needs to select a candidate for a certain position, looking at the statistics without looking closely, the impression of a person will develop a positive, especially from the professional side, but is this really the case?

    Especially now, services like this are starting to appear , which allow for a couple of clicks to turn on the automation of your activity, also making more than one commit, but a different number per day, and then one cannot tell where the real person is, but where the bot is:

    I'm not judging people using such services or scripts, but give a reason to think about whether to give such services a way so that later it didn’t work out as with the Instagram API. For the future of any service, including GitHub, depends on users and how we will use it. Thanks for attention.

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