Snom D345 IP Phone Review

    We continue to acquaint you with the family of models of desktop IP-phones company Snom. The next step is the D345 model, which is difficult to attribute to the middle segment (“Strong middling: Snom D735 IP phone review”), because the differences from the flagships (“Newcomers in our market: Snom D385 and D785 IP phones review) are too minor. Recall that this series is different from the D7XX design, which implies a horizontal location, the device does not hesitate to take up space on the desktop. The D345 is not a compact low-end model, and the long list of functions it supports is consistent with its size.


    By tradition, let's not forget to note the high quality of the materials used and the well thought-out ergonomics of this model, which is true for all Snom products. Pleasant plastic and user-friendly design will delight users, the thoughtful shape of the tube will not cause unpleasant feelings from a long conversation.

    The location of the buttons and their "click" are designed so that the hand does not get tired with frequent work with the device. Functions and designations of keys will not cause irritation with “originality” of ideas. The corporate segment is quite conservative, and you will not have to retrain to work with this phone, the new employee will not have difficulties, even if he has never before encountered the products of this company.

    The stand allows you to install the phone in two positions on the table, the device can also be hung on the wall.

    Model features

    This model is equipped with two displays and the functionality is practically not inferior to older brothers. The main display is monochrome, with high resolution and adjustable tilt, but the diagonal is slightly smaller.

    In addition to purely external differences, this model does not have Bluetooth and it cannot, out of the box, work with accessories on this wireless interface. Perhaps this is the only "serious" limitation of the phone's capabilities, but it can also be circumvented by inserting the Bluetooth dongle into the USB port. The rest is a modern multifunctional device designed to work in the office of a large company or a call center. It has support for twelve SIP-accounts, there is a USB port of standard 2.0, a two-port gigabit switch, powered from both the PSU and over a twisted pair using PoE technology.

    The phone differs from the younger models with a second display, which has four virtual pages. Together with twelve function keys, it can be programmed to forty-eight different actions. Each key is adjacent to a two-color LED, which greatly expands the possibilities for personalizing your phone and helps you visually highlight different numbers or actions.

    In terms of its characteristics, this model is very slightly different from the flagships, you can connect to it the expansion modules D3, and the device can easily cope with the tasks of the secretary of a large office. However, the Snom D345 is also perfect for the boss if he doesn’t need a color display or design delights like Swarovski crystals.

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