The book "HTML5 and CSS3. Website development for any browsers and devices. 2nd ed. ”

    imageHi, habrozhiteli! We have released the second edition of Ben Fran's

    book : The book covers all the important features of responsive web design. The adaptive web design methodology is expanded in it through the use of the latest, most useful technologies provided by HTML5 and CSS3, which more than ever have increased compactness and facilitated the maintenance of created designs. The book also provides explanations for the most popular and advanced methods of writing and providing code, images and files.

    If you are able to understand the HTML and CSS code, then you also have the strength to master the creation of designs based on responsive web design.

    What is this book about

    Chapter 1, The Basics of Responsive Web Design, is a brief overview of the key components in creating software products that meet the requirements of responsive web design.

    Chapter 2, “Media Queries - Support for Various Viewers,” covers everything you need to know about CSS media queries: their capabilities, syntax options, and various uses.

    Chapter 3, Dynamically Changing Layouts and Responsive Images, shows how to create proportional layout and adaptive image code, and provides a detailed study of layouts created with Flexbox.

    Chapter 4, “Using HTML5 to Develop Responsive Web Design,” covers all HTML5 semantic elements, text-level semantics, and web accessibility issues. It also discusses methods for inserting video and audio into your pages using HTML5.

    Chapter 5 “CSS3. Selectors, layout, color modes and new features ”allows you to deal with the endless possibilities of CSS: selectors, color settings in HSLA and RGBA formats, web design, relative units of viewport measurements and much more.

    Chapter 6, “Creating aesthetically appealing effects with CSS3,” covers CSS filters, block shadows, linear and radial gradients, multiple background images, and ways to target background images to high-resolution devices.

    Chapter 7, “Using SVG to achieve Resolution Independence,” provides all the necessary explanations for using SVG graphics within documents and as background images, as well as a description of how to interact with them using JavaScript.

    Chapter 8, Transitions, Transformations, and Animations, provides information on how to get things moving with CSS, and explores how you can interact and animate elements using CSS.

    Chapter 9, “Bridging Forms with HTML5 and CSS3,” shows that a formidable issue at all times, such as working with forms, has been greatly simplified by the latest HTML5 and CSS3 features.

    Chapter 10, “Approaches to Responsive Web Design,” contains a study of the main issues that need to be resolved before you can start directly developing responsive web design, as well as a selection of the most relevant wise thoughts designed to inspire you to an exciting lesson - creating adaptive web -constructions.

    Who is this book written for?

    Have you ever created two sites: one for mobile, and the other for larger devices? Or maybe you already have the first product in the style of adaptive web design, but you still can’t put it together into a single whole? If so, then the second edition of this book will give you everything you need to transfer your sites to the next, higher level.

    To follow the author’s idea, you need only some knowledge in HTML and CSS, and everything you need to know about responsive web design and creating high-quality sites is included in this book!

    about the author

    Ben Frain has been involved in web design and web application development since 1996. He is currently a lead user interface developer at Bet365.

    Before starting to do web technologies, he worked as a modest, not well-received television actor and technical writer. He graduated from Salford University with a degree in theater.
    He wrote four movie scripts that were never appreciated (in his opinion) and still bears, though with dying enthusiasm, plans to sell at least one of them. Outside of work, he indulges in very simple hobbies. He plays futsal, while his physical condition and wife do not interfere with this occupation, and is engaged in raising two sons.

    About reviewers

    Esteban S. Abait- Software architecture developer and former graduate student. He has experience in developing the architecture of complex software products and planning work on their creation. He was a full-time and freelance employee at Cisco, Intuit, and Southwest. He worked with various technologies, in particular Java, PHP, Ruby and Node.js. In recent years, he has shown particular interest in the development of web applications, applications for mobile devices and REST APIs. Developed several fairly voluminous web applications using JavaScript. In addition, he created guidelines for REST technologies based on customer ratings. He developed sites with a high volume of traffic, in which he used such key technologies for scaling as replication, segmentation and distributed data caching.

    Currently, Esteban is the chief engineer for Globant. In this position, he achieves the delivery of projects on time with the highest quality of the final product. He is also involved in the development of software product training courses and holds meetings with software developers. In addition, Esteban works as an outreach consultant on web technologies. Globant

    Companyrefers to a new generation of technology service providers aimed at developing innovative software solutions using new technologies and trends. Globant combines the rigidity in design and technical solutions that is characteristic of information technology service providers with the creative and cultural approach inherent in digital technology agencies. Globant maintains a clear proportion of engineering, design and innovation.

    Christopher Scott HernandezBeing a designer by profession, he became a web technology developer, starting with the fact that in 1996 he created for his father the first Internet site for boat upholstery. After that, he began to transfer his experience to small and large companies, having worked on the most visited sites in the world, including eBay, LinkedIn and Apple.

    He was the technical editor of the HTML5 Multimedia Development Cookbook, published by Packt Publishing. He is an avid reader and lover of books. When she is not involved in pixel arrangement and code writing, she loves spending time with her wife and daughter, exploring the parks and hiking trails of the beautiful city of Austin in Texas.

    Mauvis LedfordHe is engaged in the comprehensive creation and technical management of companies specializing in the field of web technologies, mobile web technologies and the creation of applications scalable in cloud services.

    He worked for Disney Mobile, Skype, Netflix, and many other young companies in and around San Francisco, New York. He is currently CTO at Pathbrite, a newly established educational technology company specializing in creating free adaptive multimedia electronic portfolios and digital resumes for everyone. You can also use its services if you go to the site .

    Movis was also the technical editor for the first edition of Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3, published in Packt Publishing, and Building Hybrid Android Apps with Java and JavaScript, for O'Reilly Media.

    Sophie Williams is a very discerning design enthusiast. She has a degree in graphic design and is currently working as a web designer and user interface developer at Despite the love of creating web application design, a special corner for prints always remains in her heart. In her free time, she likes to bake small cupcakes, experiment in the field of arts and crafts, and is inclined to give directions (to those who listen to her) when something in the real world does not go the way she likes.

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