Data Science Week 2016. Data Technology Forum

    Hello! We are glad to invite you to the second Data Science Week forum , which will be held on September 8, 9, 12 and 13 in Moscow. You will find more than 20 open master classes and lectures from specialists from such companies as Microsoft, Rambler & Co, Sberbank, Avito, DCA, E-Contenta, Segmento.

    Each day will be devoted to a separate topic: customer relationships, internal optimization, Sberbank Data Day, artificial intelligence.


    Day 1. Big Data - Relationships with the client

    On the first day we will talk about how you can dramatically differently build relationships with the client using big data. Companies creating products in the field of marketing and advertising will talk about what data can be collected about customers and how they can be used to increase customer satisfaction and increase profits. Experts will pay attention to creating personalized offers, developing recommendation systems, and data-based customer service.

    Day 2. Big Data - Internal Optimization

    The second day will be devoted to everything related to internal business optimization. Companies from different industries will share their experience of how they were able to reduce personnel costs, reduce production risks, reduce fraud, and increase labor productivity. Representatives of the business will talk about the use of predictive models, the difficulties encountered from the data collection stage to the implementation of the final models in production.

    Day 3. Sberbank Data Day

    Sberbank in a short time managed to acquire the image of a company striving for high speed of changes and introduction of new technologies in everyday activities. Representatives of the bank itself, as well as its partners, will tell you how things really are in this direction - what has been done and implemented, and what remains to be done.

    Day 4. Artificial Intelligence

    Big data - this is only part of the direction called “Artificial Intelligence”, sometimes it is difficult to consider it in isolation from other areas and technologies. On the last day of the event, we’ll talk about them. The speakers will talk about the use of technologies such as deep learning, chatbots, smart homes and enterprises, the Internet of things, robots. Experts will share their vision of how these technologies will develop in the future and whether they will be able to completely displace people from most professions.

    Participation is free, but registration is required .

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