Conversations with the "Higher Mind". Drones everywhere

Continuation of the publication ( about a different mind ) excerpts from the book " Higher Mind ". I collected everything that it has about drones, in one post.

More drones began to appear on the streets. Even the police began to patrol the streets with the help of drones, so as not to approach other people. Over time, the video I increasingly saw drones, but did not see the police. It looked like a Hollywood science fiction shoot. Then began the boom of drones. Flying, driving. A lot of inexpensive Chinese quadcopters, cars with cameras. Some cars with autopilot worked instead of gasoline on hydrogen engines of the new generation, which also appeared from nowhere in large numbers. One cylinder of hydrogen was enough for a couple of days of flying. It was inexpensive fuel and it was sold in Pepsi banks in regular online stores. From where cheap hydrogen appeared in such quantity nobody knew. Some drones could hang in the air for a week without refueling, carrying with them several such cans instead of cargo and rearranging them with their own manipulator. They also had a battery for such a recharge.

The machines with electronic steering were supplied by cameras and computer control with autopilot and navigation. And instead of the trunk put hand-manipulator, which could load the car. And such a machine was a ready-made autopilot robot controlled via the mobile Internet. They were immediately called Autobots, as they resembled these transformers.

They had independent “brains” downloaded from the network, which allowed them to go around obstacles and other autobots along the route without human intervention. It was enough to set the delivery address. The traffic lights they drove through red. They yielded each other by other rules. The appearance at once of such a number of drones, when only devastation was around, was surprising.
Another "miracle" was the appearance of open source networks and libraries for programming autonomous drones. Who could write it from the living? It could, of course, have been created by corporations like Google before the epidemic. No less effort required such advanced software. Drones have learned to fly long distances on their own, without bumping into objects. Sometimes, when they were hanging in front of my window, blinking their red lights, it seemed to me that there was something sensible behind them.

Gangs appeared on the streets trying to shoot down drones with food. Sometimes well. But soon the drones equipped the attack recognition system and after a minute other drones began to fly in with darts and firearms. They quickly tracked down the gang and, in the event of resistance, shot to kill. When I saw this the first time, it scared me. He could shoot out the window. I was vulnerable to such a drone even at home. True, I did not read that they did this against people.

Traffic police disappeared first. And it would be strange to stop the drones - who fined them? Pretty quickly, I stopped seeing this form of police in youtube. Instead, there was a camera on the streets. They filmed the movements of the drones and warned only the companies indicated on board through registration on the Internet. Lack of registration was considered a crime.

The black thin wires of the Internet between the roofs of houses prevented the drones from flying, and they often fell. I picked up one such. He was almost intact, but could not take off because he fell on the propellers. It was an advanced drone. It had a 4G control unit. I didn’t recognize who ruled it - after the fall, it was apparently considered lost and the unit turned off.
So I got my drone. I bought everything I needed for him on the buying site and finalized it. Small, with one gripper, but with a good camera and excellent maneuverability. I sent with him gifts to new acquaintances and filmed what is happening around. Previously, drones flew no further than wi-fi. It was not convenient, the connection could be interrupted. Now my drone can fly wherever there is a mobile connection, that is, throughout the city. Contact with him is maintained through the Internet, through a special portal drone control, through which you can not only manage your drone on the map, but also automate its flight mission. It was incredible, but my drone could fly anywhere, to any part of the city and even to the countryside. And I could recharge it right on the way, his manipulator could plug the plug into an outlet found somewhere in an old cafe.
Although the drone itself was made in the old days, there was a new software on it and its capabilities were just incredible. Drones flying through the portal automatically coordinated the flight between themselves so as not to collide. It did not seem important before, but now, when there are more of them on the street than people, it has become relevant. The drone automatically recognized the obstacles and classified them. This made it possible to find even those objects whose exact location you did not know. It was enough to upload one photo of the object to the management site. The drone was the second I - he traveled around the city instead of me. And I could see many events in the city through my drone. It was a completely new telepresence experience. We used to see the city from the ground, and even the view from the boat was unexpected for us. With the drone, the city appeared before me from above. This is completely unusual I could see faraway streets, fly towards them and descend like a magician down. Then again raise above the rooftops to see the whole city. In my thoughts, I also began to represent him from above.

I ran it home through the window. That was my dog. I wrote Wolf on board. At home I played tennis with him. He deftly hit the ball and it was very difficult to win from him, I had to cheat when I was tired of playing fair with him. But at least I somehow moved at home thanks to such a game with my faithful drone.

I learned from the network that drones were made in a chain connected by drones - some put up engines and propellers, others printed cases on the 3D printer and attached cameras to them, others created light processor units, fourth ones wrote programs, and someone then collected them in the final form. Everyone was like freelancers. And the drones moved the parts and finished units between the assembly participants. And in each link of this chain any participant could exchange. Today, the assembly does one, tomorrow another. Logistics with the help of drones changed instantly. But the chain worked, orders went constantly. And there were several chains, on different models of drones. Nobody knew who ordered them in large numbers. But the chains were organized through the site so that I could order myself one drone.

No assembly plant. And everything worked. Everyone who wanted to work was recorded on the site for assembling drones. There were instructions and test items, lists of drawings delivered by drones of parts. And if you could prove your skills on the test, you were automatically included in such chains. The only strange thing was that there were no firms and their owners. The assembly participants agreed to name their model and printed the logo on board. All other tasks were received by the participants through the site and discussed their successes or problems there. Instead, the authorities were task managers on the network. There were all the drawings and instructions for each task. All chains are organized automatically around the order. It cost to place it, guarantee payment, answer a few questions from the bot and download the documentation how it all started to work - drones flew out, freelancers received clear assignments. It turns out you could work and so! Chains were organized by someone, but the organizer remained in the shadows. I had suspicions that this is a network. No one else. It is unlikely that any of the people could create such an ideal as they wrote logistics and ordering system. Create software of this level.

I myself received the first order from the site. The order to create software for moving drones in warehouses and indoors. The customer wanted to make a drone for the removal of products from warehouses and storage places. It was necessary to make a good product recognition with the definition of the exact size and distance to the package, so that you can accurately control the drone's manipulator. Someone wanted to get to the warehouses. I had all the necessary preparations, so the order was not difficult. But it was a salvation for me, because there was already nothing.

Drones were very different in size and capacity. And not only with 4 propellers, like quadrocopters. There were 6 in a row, and octagon. There were quite large ones with propellers with a diameter of more than a meter, which had 4 main and several small propellers that quickly turned and corrected the stable position of the drone. All the drones were with cameras and some kind of manipulator. With YuMi robot hands or a simple flat box grip.

There were drones and autobots-firemen, autobots-fast, autobots-repairmen of other autobots. I could not only understand who organized them all into services? There was no state, no one paid taxes, and far from everyone had a job. All services were available on the network, but who was behind them, it was not clear. On the phones of the services only voice assistants spoke. Everything worked, although there were no ministers and superiors. There was a service on the network where you could solve all your questions.

The human doctor could only be found via Skype. The recording was a month ahead. But there were portable analyzers of blood and urine, as well as universal sensors that were applied plate to the body where the doctor would say. And he could see all your organs like an ultrasound. Microbots-analyzers looked even more interesting. You inject a capsule into a vein and after 5 minutes all information on the state of the organs with their topology begins to flow to the computer. It was possible to call the drone ambulance, which had all this equipment and drugs on board. I had my own blood analyzer, which I always used once a month and transferred the data to a special site that monitors the health of all the living. He, too, someone created. All health data had to be stored there, which guaranteed us free assistance from the ambulance drone. And it was very convenient - the whole history of your illness was traced there and the doctor did not have to tell each time about his health, starting from kindergarten, as it had been in his former life. I even posted on the site scans of old health documents issued to me in the clinic, and earned additional points on the site.

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