How to fix a broken VPS server on Linux

    We at Ruvds launched on our hosting the possibility of renting servers on Linux with the operating systems Centos, Debian and Ubuntu server !

    Therefore, we are announcing the contest “How to fix a broken VPS server on Linux”. Try your hand at the competition, because last time the winner managed in 3 hours . This time we complicated the task a bit.

    Terms of the competition
    It is necessary to configure the nginx web server in such a way that when accessing the address http: // your_vps_ip the website prepared for this purpose is displayed.

    Files of this site are now located in the directory: / home / administrator / contest_files.
    They need to be moved to a separate partition of 1gb or more (xfs file system), created by reducing the current partition / dev / sda3

    What to do
    • use OS booting over the network
    • upload new files to the server that were not used when installing the current version of the OS or were not on the server
    • You cannot install packages that have not been installed before.
    • you cannot disable the firewall
    • You cannot reduce the size of other partitions (/ dev / sda1, / dev / sda2)
    • cannot damage the file system
    • use the server for any other purpose

    How to start
    Send a request to marked “Competition for Linux” and indicating the email used to register on .

    When the task is considered to be completed, the
    Site is available at http: // your_vps_ip, and you have provided a detailed report on your actions that allowed you to solve the problem.

    The winner is determined by the amount of time spent on the task, namely the difference between our letter on the creation of the competitive server and the letter from the participant with the solution to the problem.

    Competition prize fund
    First place: VDS server, CPU 5x2.6 GHz, RAM 5 GB, Disk SSD 50 GB one year of free use, winner diploma, company mug from RUVDS.
    Second place: 70% discount, company mug from RUVDS
    Third place: 50% discount, company mug from RUVDS
    Fourth place: 30% discount, company mug from RUVDS The

    results of the competition and our solution to the problem: here

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