We deduce a liar to clean water: an interview is not an employment relationship. Naturally

Expressing your opinion is OK. Arguing tearing phrases out of context, turning the meaning 180 degrees, invent something that is not - not okay. To submit your controversial opinion on behalf of the state body and third parties (lawyers) is not at all okay.

This brief note is a response to the publication “The Ministry of Labor: a test task is an employment relationship . I was stung by the author's cadre of desires, his desire to deceive people, the inability to read laws and texts as they were written. Therefore, similarly to the author, I sent an extended question to the Ministry of Labor and now I received an answer. What we all guessed was confirmed.

I quote:
... the employer has the right to independently determine the conduct of such events (simple interview, oral or written testing, “homework”, etc.) and hold a competition on the basis of these tests.
Well, and so on, too lazy to reprint
Thus, the interview is not the beginning of an employment relationship.

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