The optimal solution for organizing a turnkey corporate cloud

    We offer readers of Habr the report of the head of the department for working with corporate clients of HUAWEI Tony Yan, who opened the Cloud Technologies Forum in Russia , held by RUVDS in late June.

    The forum was held in Moscow at the Lotte Plaza Hotel and brought together more than 100 leading industry experts, business representatives, relevant ministries and departments.

    “We set the task to create a platform where suppliers and consumers of cloud services could meet, technical specialists to exchange experience in applying the most advanced technologies, business representatives to discover new opportunities,” Nikita Tsaplin, managing partner of RUVDS , said during the welcoming speech .

    The forum was held for the first time, its purpose was to gather the largest consumers of cloud services and discuss industry problems, especially the introduction of such systems by large businesses and state-owned companies, as well as possible mechanisms for regulating and self-regulation of participants in this market.

    HUAWEI Corporate Account Manager, Tony Yan

    Good afternoon, my name is Tony, I represent Huawei. In fact, over the past ten years we have been feeling more and more how much more comfortable it is for us to live with cloud technology. Nevertheless, some old question, as it used to be, remains, which data is more profitable and convenient for us, more comfortable to leave in our hands, and which data is more profitable for us to put on a public cloud. How can we make sure that the data no matter where we store it is protected as much as possible? Especially the place where our dear, beloved partners - telecom operators, suddenly can not always provide a high-quality communication channel, what will we do with this data if needed. About this, just two months ago during a meeting with Mr. Nikita (approx. Nikita Tsaplin - managing partner of RU VDS), we discussed, raised the issue, since the issue could not be simply solved, we decided to organize a small round table, a small seminar, gather our friends and make such a discussion. To communicate more on a particular topic, suddenly we will find some balance, we will suddenly find a better option for solving this problem. Accordingly, today we organized this event and invited some people from different organizations who will share their experiences and their opinions on these issues. I represent Huawei. Today, our topic, specifically, is precisely what we have useful for organizing your cloud. In the end, you can give your clouds to other organizations for service, in which case you become some public cloud, relatively speaking. Or you can use these clouds for yourself in the internal structure, and accordingly you get the benefit. This is what I want to tell a little today.

    - So, a little about the company that I represent, suddenly not everyone knows or everyone knows. Today the company is a world leader in information technology. Worldwide, we have about 170 thousand employees, of whom about 1800 work in Russia. In Russia, in addition to sales, in addition to services, we also have an R&D center in which about 200 talented scientists work. This is a serious investment. Today, our solutions for both telecom and IT, for cloud, are widely used around the world by various telecom operators and corporate clients. Since the main topic today, we are talking about IT and cloud. Accordingly, we especially want to note our capabilities. In this area, we have about 10 thousand employees in the R&D direction, namely development for IT for server products from cloud, etc.

    Today we are a gold partner in the organization Open Stack. We release the most information in this organization. And we introduced the largest corporate cloud for corporate employees in the R&D area, which includes about 100 thousand employees, they get connected regardless of where they are, on a business trip or not, and the information is protected as much as possible. Accordingly, who do we want to be? We want to be the best partner for our customers, for our market in the field including corporate cloud. What we have and how we are going to do it. I want to talk a little about the structure, architecture. We also have our own virtualization products, called FusionSphere.

    - FusionSphere products can help you virtualize some of your hardware based on a specific data center, in which other products of other similar vendors are also working most likely at the moment. We have a network SDN in which you can connect these independent clouds, which are local, together, so that these services are transferred to each other without problems. We also have a platform that combines these clouds regardless of where they are logically or where they are physically located. As a result, this platform turns your various Cloudies, various virtual machines, into some virtual data center. It is by service. In the end, your business, with regard to cloud, is already becoming a service-oriented cloud, a service-oriented data center. This is what we can do. We also have a platform that can help you to enter a large amount of information and give you very valuable information. Is this FusionInsight? This is the platform for BigData. Accordingly, this is a complex of what we can do.

    Useful for you. One of our valued customers, Deutsche Telekom number one in Germany, number two in western Europe, has chosen us as a strategic partner to jointly launch their public cloud, private cloud, etc. And we are once again grateful to Mr. Nikita for choosing us, for trusting us. We also prove to you that your choice is right, worthy, and we will prove further, as we proved Deutsche Telekom. Accordingly, when we say cloud, the first thing you need to understand is that there are brains, this is the operating system. The operating system we offer is called FusionSphere OS. This system can be installed on various pieces of iron, ours or others, without problems, virtualizing your services to a specific pool.

    It turns out that you eventually called Fusion Computing, Fusion Storage, Fusing Network. This specific resource pool performs a specific task, and this pool then turns on some technical solution to perform a specific task. For example, a Disoster recovery solution, for example, a VDI solution, or Manager One to manage some other platforms at the same time. We are saying that we must arrange a comfortable life for you in the data center so that you switch from many different interfaces and commands to managing the system from a single point. These are our opportunities and we want to move on to this.
    - Accordingly, what does Fusion Computing, Fusion Storage, Fusing Network give you?

    Fusion Computing gives you maximum computing. All the products that we are talking about have already been tested in the spec organization, which shows that the performance of our products compared to the products of other vendors is all open sources, higher and faster than similar products. It also shows that one cluster of this product supports 128 servers. Two times more than similar products from other vendors. That is, he will also solve the issue of scalability. The cluster covers as much of the glands that you can own, this gives more opportunities. Accordingly, this solution successfully helps the British national health service.

    They are served by about one and a half million people working in this organization, through which the local population is served. Provides the most comfortable to grow, for office needs, for medical systems and so on.

    As for Fusion Storage, this is another pool, a storage pool. Our solutions can turn your servers, in particular a pool, when in the end you get a tremendously new level of storage with maximum performance capability. Tens of millions of IOPS. And this system is much scalable, it supports about four thousand nodes in comparison with similar products of other vendors. And the minimum delay, respectively, can help you in your existing servers to have maximum capabilities.

    Also the third block is called Fusing Network, using our own SDN technology, we turn your complex networks inside the data center like a virtual single machine. You no longer need to manage every element, switch, inside the data center. All you have to do is manage one switch, and its brains will help you manage the rest of the elements on the network. This gives you the most comfortable manageability in your complex and even more complex network, since I am sure that your business is growing even further and the system will become more complex, this is a fact, but we want the management process to become no worse because of this , but it became easier. To this end, our capabilities can help you as much as possible.

    Accordingly, what we are talking about now, this system will help to integrate with your existing system, including virtualization, since it is based on the same OpenStack architect and the system could help you virtualize some of your existing hardware. And in this case, then through this FusionSphere system you can control your entire system. This we can do.

    In addition, I want to especially note one technical solution from this system into which this VJI client could turn. Unlike other manufacturers who also say this for many years, we have something special. First, all the products that we say VJI is without EOM, it is completely our development. Accordingly, we are not responsible for specific hardware or software, we are responsible for the quality of the system. Second, the communication channel is not very large, if we are talking about office needs, office work. 40 kbps required. Today, any 3G network supports this. Third, the system supports GPU and 3D. This has been checked many times, just two months ago we installed a similar system in one of our respected NIPT customers, we held an event in the city center, the communication channel was 2 megabytes. On it we drove 3D, everything is fine. Accordingly, we can repeat, demonstrate and test with you in the future, without any problems. 3D is all without problems. And in the end, it supports not only our hardware but also the hardware of other vendors, and by default we are always open to dialogue.

    In the end, we give maximum comfort for managing local computing instead of ordinary classic computers, while still existing your computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. through the browser can connect to it. This means that any penny that you spent before is maximally saved while you have the most comfortable features, while information security, since all information is stored in the head and not every disk. Suddenly infected with a virus, suddenly someone through a flash drive pulls out some sensitive data from you, this helps to avoid this.

    - In addition to the operating system, I would like to be a little lower, it is the operating system with our hardware that would help you organize your cloud even easier. There are two options. The first option is Scale-up, the second is Scale-out. Scale-up means that we are using our software together with our FusionCube as single lockers. The bistro will help you arrange your cloud, namely the local corporate cloud, including that which allows you to manage much more easily and quickly in the conditions that you need. It has various databases, document management for example. Another Scale-out option is based on our various blade servers, which give you more flexible scalability options, step by step. Today you need one additional server, you connect there, tomorrow your data becomes more, you additionally connect. One way or another. Accordingly, what is the difference, what is special about this option may be useful to you. A little bit about FusionCube. All products, I say again, have been tested many times on our customers, customers, including international organizations. I also want to especially note this test, conducted by a telephone operator of the world level. They tested our product FusionCube and recognized how seriously this piece of iron is powerful. Especially compared to other vendors. They tested our product FusionCube and recognized how seriously this piece of iron is powerful. Especially compared to other vendors. They tested our product FusionCube and recognized how seriously this piece of iron is powerful. Especially compared to other vendors.

    This data is not from us, it is really the results of their testing. If we install software on this system and install databases such as SAP, Oracle, what do we get?

    We get the colossal most powerful SAP in the world. This is recognized including SAP, not what we came up with. Accordingly, if you have a lot of calculations, serious large databases, imagine how our system could help, get the necessary report.

    And this system greatly helps an organization such as BMI, a company from Spain that provides exchange services for the local market. I think you can imagine what kind of data turnover happens every second, and we help them well with their tasks.

    - A little bit about Scale-out solution for cloud. In addition to rack, in addition to blade servers, today I want to especially note the new products that we recently released, these are server modules. It is 4-unit, immediately supports from 4 to 6 blades. This is space saving. We understand that every place inside, every unit inside the data center is expensive. We understand about saving space, and at the same time it gives you the possibility of centralized management of a large number of servers. If your data center has a certain number of switches, you no longer need to configure the number of switches in your home. This is a saving and your extra money. We try to save every penny that you have spent up to this point. Save what you have so that they can work with our system, while we try no matter how physically difficult, we make it logical and convenient for you to manage through one interface. This is our logic, these are our goals, and indeed we are moving towards this.

    This is actually a typical pattern in many organizations. This is so, because the organization was created not today and not yesterday, but many years ago from different situations, unfortunately yes, the server room is like this, for example, basically it looks like that. What will be useful for you in case of modernization? We have a cabinet solution called IDS500.

    In one cabinet, an initially defined product with an accumulator, a UPS, and most importantly some ECC500 monitoring devices is integrated, it will inform the administrator in time what is happening inside the data center. Pressure, temperature, humidity, etc. Plus, we have another solution as a modular data center, which allows you to organize cold and hot corridors to increase energy efficiency. Accordingly, it is also worth recalling such good UPS products that support stable operation.
    These are various types of products, ranging from 1kW, 20kW to 800kW per cabinet. Very powerful enough, good. And most importantly, at a load of 20%, their effectiveness is already 90%. 13% higher than similar products from other vendors. And these control modules can work with batteries from other manufacturers. We say again that it can support even your existing batteries, you do not need to throw it away, we give you an additional opportunity for freedom of choice, especially some elements in the future tense. It is a convenience.

    Accordingly, to what we are talking about, the question probably arose - how does the server exist? For service and storage we give a 3-year free warranty. The next business day we ship to your warehouse. The network part is 1 year free. Of course, if you need hot swaps or instead of a 3, 5 year warranty, please.

    To today's decisions that we have listed, it is already widely used in such important organizations of Russia as the Central Bank, Sberbank, VTB, the administration of St. Petersburg, the administration of Moscow, Gazprom, Rosneft and so on. Accordingly, what we are talking about is verified not only at the world level, but also by Russian customers, and we will prove further. The bottom line is what you get. Step by step, we will help you solve small problems, step by step we are together with a partner, because we interact only through a partner, together with your partner we will formulate our technical standards for you, if you need to. And we with a partner are already for you, not as suppliers of products, but as partners for quality work in your system. There is a problem, you have a single person, a responsible person,

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