Acronis People 2: Starting a career at Acronis. How, instead of a comfortable internship, I fell into the heat of development

Acronis at PhysTech is known to many students. Founded by graduates of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Sergey Belousov and Stanislav Protasov, Acronis has always been perceived by students as a great place to start their career in the IT field. Therefore, when I had the opportunity to take an internship here, I tried not to miss it, having passed several stages of the interviews, I got the desired internship at Acronis. The main advantage of this internship program is that, in essence, this is not an internship, but real work on projects as part of a team of the coolest developers.  

At the beginning of the internship, I was given relatively simple tasks related to the configuration of finished products and auto-testing. Now I already work as a part time junior programmer in the branch of Acronis Vice President of Engineering and Development Kirill Korotaev, and my tasks are related to the implementation of the S3 protocol for Object Storage and the utility for backup and migration of S3 storage together with the Virtuozzo team.

On average, I work 20 hours a week, which allows me to quite successfully combine work and study at MIPT. From this point of view, Acronis is a great place to work for an intelligent student. Many of my colleagues, just like me, started working back in my student years and therefore they understand that I need to adjust my work schedule for the educational process and change it if I urgently need to be present at the university. In this regard, I was also lucky to choose a university, the educational process at MIPT is structured in such a way that I myself can choose groups with which to attend seminars at a time convenient for me.

Even provided that I work two days a week for six hours and two days for four, I spend weekends studying, and in the evenings on weekdays I try to relax, I like to walk around the center of Moscow, do acrobatics and volleyball in the Acronis team.

Arriving at Acronis, I did not fully understand how a company can deal with a specific area and develop such a product line. However, I quickly realized that although Backup is a somewhat narrow IT field, there are always branches in it that allow you to learn something new, get acquainted with new patterns, technologies and acquire additional skills. It is very useful for a novice programmer to work on new tasks, because this is the only way to gain experience and grow professionally.

At the very beginning of my work, I had a very revealing case. I came to the company as a C ++ programmer. But. it so happened that my very first task was related to writing Python code. For two months I "on the go" learned a new programming language for myself, and in the end I mastered it quite well. An important factor in my success was the fact that the development team, of which I became a part, helped me to learn Python with useful tips, comments and recommendations. It was partly surprising for me that Vice President Kirill Korotaev was engaged in direct development no less than all the other members of the team. It’s always very “warming the soul” when you realize that tasks don’t come from somewhere above, from the “ivory tower”, and the head is a top developer who solves them together with you,

In Acronis, I was able to acquire not only programming skills in new languages, but, it seems to me, no less important skills - to correctly prioritize in solving the tasks assigned to you, what to focus on in order to maintain proper quality, while ensuring priority tasks were made on time, still learned to quickly and deeply seek and analyze information.

Today, six months later, I see my mission at Acronis to ensure the maximum safety of our users' data, to provide them with the most complete sense of security and confidence that our product will not fail. To achieve this, we must take into account a huge number of risk factors: be it some technical problems or unpredictable user actions, and also try to level them out as much as possible.  

Therefore, if those thoughts that I described are close to you and you want to get a job in Acronis, then, first of all, you need to evaluate your background, find what was really interesting for you, and understand what knowledge you will miss on the one that interests you you position.

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