GeekBrains Launches Product Management Training Course

    Our educational portal GeekBrains announces the launch of the Product Manager course . Students will learn how to create a successful product, manage it and bring it to the market, and will be able to put their knowledge into practice, working in teams with developers and designers - students of GeekBrains. The program is designed for professionals who want to expand their competencies in order to further become a team leader, a leading developer, a project manager, a department manager, a marketer, or a sales specialist.

    For ten months, students will acquire the skills of a product manager, who must shape the product’s vision according to user expectations, develop it in accordance with the business strategy, motivate the team and increase company profits.

    The program consists of four blocks of two to three months each dedicated to the creation of a product, the effective management of its development, product and business intelligence and product marketing. Listeners will learn what MVP, roadmap and product backlog are, what actions at the Growth stage of life differ from those at the Plateau stage, get acquainted with the Lean, Agile and SCRUM management methodologies, and gain other necessary knowledge. After completing the first block, students will prepare a presentation of the potential MVP of their product, and at the end of the second, they will develop an MVP as part of a team. The outcome of the third block will be an understanding of how to develop a product based on data, and during the fourth block, students will develop a strategy for bringing the product to the market and try to implement it.

    During their studies, students will be able to apply their knowledge in practice: they will assemble a team, gain experience of working together and manage designers and developers, produce their own product and analyze its effectiveness.

    The course instructors are experts from the Mail.Ru Group and leading market companies who explain the material with examples from their own practice. In addition, each student is assigned a mentor - he will answer questions and help you understand difficult topics. Upon graduation, students will submit their theses to the expert committee.

    The course starts on November 26th. Education is paid, you can register here .

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