New blog

    Greetings to all hawkers in the new blog.

    The idea of ​​this blog is to help us, simple mortal IT professionals, deal with the cruel world of the wisdom of the law. We will discuss ways to protect intellectual property, interests in home-made startups and teams, the responsibility of IT business partners to each other, ways to overcome various kinds of administrative barriers to a happy IT life. Well, in general, everything that interests habraly people who "do not want to work for an uncle"

    But I want to make a reservation at once - I am not a lawyer , I am the very person who very often needs help :)

    I especially want to ask all readers who have at least a minimum legal education and desire to help others: join in!

    PS: so as not to clutter the Habr with their problems (probably not everyone is interested in delving into other people's situations) I publish my first habtopopik in this blog closed (only for those interested in legal matters)

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