Free software and its licensing

    My colleague and I were offered to earn some money - to install a fleet of machines with Ubuntu / FreeBSD in one of the offices of a financial company, replacing them with Windows machines.
    This solves two problems at once.
    • fleet upgrade
    • software licensing issues

    The problem is that neither Ubuntu nor FreeBSD, as far as I know, have FSTEC certificates, but there is information that:
    “Obtaining the FSTEC certificate is necessary for work in government bodies, municipal self-government, educational and medical institutions, industrial, financial and other organizations dealing with confidential information and personal data.” (C) OpenNET

    Hence the question:
    If the guys from OBEP come and see on Ubuntu / OpenOffice computers, and on BSD servers, will this software be considered licensed? Or all the same, you need to purchase ALT Linux / Mandriva / Red Hat and Infra-Resource Office, with which pieces of paper are given in the kit (read licenses).

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