QA Meetup Video Recording

    Hi, Habr! We publish a video from the first QA Meetup in Almaty - meetings for mobile and web testers. We talked about the tools and features of mobile testing, optimization and stabilization of automated web testing.

    Under the cut - share videos and presentations of the speakers.

    “Mobile Application Testing Tools”, Ksenia Apachidi, Head of Mobile Development at Kolesa Group

    Ksenia talks about mobile application testing tools that will allow you to efficiently test application performance and maintain product stability.

    Postman, API Testing, Serzhan Esenbek, Quality Assurance Engineer at Kolesa Group

    Serjan shares his experience with a tool such as Postman, and applying it to the Wheels project. Why we chose Postman and what is its advantage.

    "Features of testing mobile applications", Igor Plotnikov, quality assurance engineer at Kolesa Group

    Igor's report on the features of testing mobile applications in general. How to test mobile applications and achieve quality, what we need to take into account and what nuances to pay attention to.

    Kolesa QA Academy: +12 testers, Abylhair Achet, head of test automation at the Kolesa Group.

    The history of our fast, efficient and high quality QA recruitment experience. We share our experience, which can be repeated by any company, team and QA manager!

    We support the IT-community in Kazakhstan, therefore, from time to time we organize meetings for developers, managers, designers and data science in the office. If you have an interesting report and want to speak at our next meeting, write to

    Thanks to everyone who came to Kolesa QA Meetup and watched the video. Playlist mitap - on our YouTube channel, album on facebook

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