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About event

Near Minsk, the annual conference LVEE 2018 (Linux Vacation / Eastern Europe) ended, organized by the Belarusian Linux user group back in 2005. The event was attended by more than a hundred people from 7 countries, and the program consisted of 23 reports, lightning, workshop, round table, live demo and traditional evening program of the informal part with barbecue and free discussions.

The reports covered a wide range of topics - from the introduction and integration of free software to the low-level features of the implementation of system libraries and packages.

Alexander Klyga and Vlad Sharpio (Belarus, Minsk) made reports on data storage systems, Vadim Zhukov (Russia, Moscow) and Alexander Zaitsev (Belarus, Minsk) on modern approaches to the development and debugging of C-applications. Vladislav Zhalnerovich (Belarus, Minsk) read an introduction on the low-level library structure in ELF format. Roman Garanin (Belarus, Brest) spoke about the work of DevOps for QA using the Java Enterprise project as an example. Alexei Cheusov made a visually vivid report in which he described his experience in post-processing photos in Darktable.

Alexey Khlebnikov (Norway, Oslo) shared how to optimize the execution of a program for Android applications by the method of advanced obfuscation of constants.

Several reports related to the implementation of open source software: Anastasia Markina and Alexander Grishkin (Russia, Moscow) shared their experience of implementation at the VGIK branch, Dmitry Stepanov (Belarus, Minsk) - the experience of transferring company infrastructure from Windows to a heterogeneous architecture based on Linux, Andrey Romaniuk (Belarus, Minsk ) told how open source software is changing the enterprise sector. The report by Anton Novik (Belarus, Minsk) was about the development of the architecture of the Game-stream platform based on OpenSource components.

A regular participant in the conference, Mikhail Shigorin (Russia, Moscow), and this time did not come empty-handed. He really brought Alt to Elbrus, and also spoke about the support status of Alt Linux distributions on the Elbrus platform.

It turned out to be a truly luxurious weekend: a vacation in a wonderful place of the Galaxy and informative conversations with developers, testers, directors, business owners, managers, system administrators, devops, investors, designers and other IT specialists.

This year Victor Belogolovko (Ukraine, Donetsk) for the first time came to LVEE not only with a guitar. This time, he grabbed a drone, on which many pictures from this article were taken.

The engineer, who was hunted by the FBI and Interpol, known to many as the “Hacker from Rechitsa,” Sergei Yarets came here and told how easy it is for Microsoft, Google and Facebook to send data to people, as well as how to get rid of these data. (Photo: Alexander Korsak /

Yes, you heard right . This year, instead of the usual summer venue near Grodno, LVEE was first held at the Galaxy hostel near Minsk (familiar to the regular participants in the winter session of the conference - LVEE Winter). Despite some initial fears related to the transfer of a familiar place, the “Galaxy” proved itself to be easier for participants from near and, especially, from far abroad.

For participants, all 4 days of the conference worked mini-bars and a buffet.

Chips & Bumps

By “the most informal IT conference” is really meant as such.

  • A four-day event is always held outside the city, in the forest (in bumps).

  • In addition to the scientific part of the conference, participants have a lot of fun having fun in the evenings. These are gatherings around the campfire, songs by the guitar performed by Olga Kharkevich (Belarus, Gomel), strong drinks from the organizers, delicious barbecue and snacks, billiards, laser tag, rope town, mini-zoo ... someone just got acquainted, talked to each other, and someone shared successful experiences in IT. In general, the impressions of the conference are only positive - it is both for the mind and for the soul.

  • Dmitry Kostyuk (Belarus, Brest) is the same person without whom no conference can do. He, as a symbol of LVEE, is the host of the formal part of the conference. He is also the editor-in-chief of the collections of abstracts “Open Technologies” with the assistance of Anastasia Markina (Belarus, Brest).

  • Incidentally, a couple of years ago, Dima organized the opportunity to select a menu for the four-day conference. If you adhere to a certain form of nutrition (for example, vegetarian), then this can be indicated when registering on the site.

About useful

You can familiarize yourself with the materials of the reports on the LVEE website in the section of Reports-> Materials of 2018 .

You can watch and listen to lectures on the website of reports and seminars on IT-topics by Stas Fomin in the LVEE-2018 category or on his YouTube channel .

What give

LVEE, like any event, tries to attract attention not only with cool content, but also with unusual merchandise.

For each event, a special branded production is made: for orgs - green t-shirts, sometimes with individual branding, for speakers and representatives of sponsors - the same, but black, for all other participants - white branded t-shirts. In addition, round magnets with the LVEE logo, pints, mugs, collections, stickers are embedded in participants' packages.

Traditionally, the collection of abstracts “Open Technologies” is published in the summer and contains materials from two conferences - winter and summer.

The best presentations are awarded with a glass figurine, a cup without sponsor ads and a black mouse pad.

Then sponsors are connected, it is at their stands that you can find the most interesting options for souvenir and promotional materials that participants are happy to take away as a keepsake. This includes a variety of stickers, notebooks, pens, pins, magnets, soft toys, bandanas, organizers, accessories for smartphones, and more unusual souvenirs, like a travel pillow, screwdrivers.

The summer LVEE 2018 conference was made possible thanks to the support of EPAM Systems, Red Hat,, SaM Solutions, Seth & Riley's Garage.

Ilya Buzyuk (Russia, Moscow) spoke at the conference from the Red Hat sponsor. In the cloud computing subsection, Ilya showed how to use Eclipse Che for development under Kubernetes and OpenShift.

On behalf of EPAM Systems, Vitaly Khilko and Dmitry Orekhov (Belarus, Minsk) spoke. They tried to look into the history and note the brightest moments for all the years of development of linux. Also, in the framework of cooperation with EPAM, Alexander Kharkevich (Belarus, Gomel) shared his experience in developing and supporting Ansible roles.

In addition, I would like to recall LVEE Winter 2018. In addition to current sponsors, Collabora and Profitero made a great contribution. Employees who do not miss a single conference. For example, representatives of Collabora came to the summer conference with reports. Denis Pyinkin (Belarus, Minsk) and Andrei Shadura (Slovakia, Bratislava) talked about various aspects of Apertis, the Debian-derived distribution they were working on: Denis's talk about using OSTree for atomic updates, and Andrei talked about implementing automatic testing using LAVA .

Yandex lawyer Denis Dorotenko (Russia, Moscow) highlighted a number of legal issues regarding the disclosure of program code for public access.

People behind the scenes

Usually, they don’t talk about what remains behind the scenes of the conference. Most of the work on organizing the conference was entrusted to Pavel Chebotaryov and Nadezhda Sharpio (Belarus, Minsk). I will allow myself and on behalf of all participants to express gratitude not only to them, but also to all other caring people who for 13 years have helped in the development of the non-profit LVEE conference.

“IT Friday”

This is what the perfect Friday night looks like! That's right - when there are unlimited resources in the cloud, and around - people with whom there is something to talk about. Special thanks to Olga Kuzeeva for organizing IT Friday as part of LVEE - OpenSource. All the pros and cons (virtualization, storage, networking, updates).


One of the mass events was a workshop of a gelstalt psychologist from Brest Olga Kirichik “Conflict resolution; anger management; personal boundaries ”, which was attended by about half of the conference participants, which made it possible to verify the relevance of the topic of the seminar. All participants in the section were tested for self-assessment of conflict, and in the practical part, psychological exercises were conducted on ways out of conflicts. At the end of the 2-hour workshop, IT specialists thanked Olga for the relevance of the topic, which deeply touched many participants, helped them to look into themselves, turn to their internal resources, which ultimately contributed to the resolution of intrapersonal and interpersonal conflicts.

Who said Linux is not a cake?

Every year, Olga Pinkina (Belarus, Minsk) makes us happy with her pastry hobby, which prepares a themed delicious cake for all participants.


Unanimously, the prize for the best report went to Igor Chubin (Germany, Nuremberg) - “Console-oriented services:,,” - Idea, use, creation ”.

Mikola Marzhan (Ukraine, Kiev) made a vivid report on his struggle to cross Jenkins with AWS spot instances, which won the organizing committee prize for the most memorable performance.

This is the most informal and sincere IT party of 2018! If you didn’t manage to hold this conference with us, don’t worry! Registration for LVEE 2019 will soon be open, which will not leave anyone indifferent!

LVEE invites all companies to support the development of open source software and become a sponsor of the international conference of developers and users of free software in Belarus LVEE 2019.

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