Drilled the first tunnel Boring Company Ilona Mask

    The other day, the head of the Boring Company Ilon Musk posted on his Twitter video of the passage of the last centimeters of the tunnel by the drilling machine. This is the first completed tunnel in the history of the company, then (probably) will be more.

    He began to drill in January last year, the starting point - parking near the headquarters of the company in Hawthorne, California. The company Mask after the start of drilling was able to increase the rate of penetration, as well as reduce the cost of laying the tunnel.

    All this was originally conceived as the creation of an alternative transport system for megacities, without traffic jams, without accidents and dangers, trapping motorists on ordinary roads. Then it was decided to lay tunnels for other needs of megalopolises, including sewage, water supply, electricity, etc.

    Boring Company drilling machine segments, it was called Godot

    The idea of ​​an underground transportation system for cars "on trucks" appeared in Mask in December 2016, when he once again got stuck in traffic.

    The exit of the tunnel is now located on the site purchased by the Boring Company. The place was named “O'Leary Station” in honor of the SpaceX / Boring employee who recently died.

    Tunnel in Hawthorne is still a test. It will be tested in work, and one more tunnel with a length of 5 km will be built in the future. In addition, the company plans to drill a tunnel in Chicago, connecting the airport and the center of the village.

    Chicago will be the first city in the world where the Mask company will continue its full-fledged network. According to the project, specialized electric buses will be used as a vehicle here. The movement interval is only 30 seconds. Each vehicle can fit inside 16 passengers. The total length of the tunnel will be approximately 30 kilometers.

    The estimated cost of the trip - $ 20, despite the fact that the same distance by taxi will cost the passenger more expensive. According to the calculations of specialists of the company, the Chicago system will help to transport up to 2000 passengers per hour in one direction. The diameter of the tunnel is about 4 meters, which is approximately two times smaller than the diameter of a standardized transport tunnel in the United States.

    The Boring Company is going to build a network of road tunnels in Los Angeles, adding two branches of tracks for Hyperloop - on the west and east coasts of the United States. Ilon Musk has already reported that he has permission to build a highway connecting New York and Washington. Intermediate stops are in Philadelphia and Baltimore.

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