8 KPIs for successful sales via smartphones

    On average, the clickability of click-to-call ads in Adwords is 8% higher than messages with a regular link to the site. For developed markets, this figure is higher.

    If you own a small local store and are aimed at increasing sales, then you just need to master Yandex.Direct or Google Adwords and get a modest website with a presentation of products. Some “craftsmen” trade directly from search sites without the intermediary of a website, indicating their direct phone number. If you are a plumber or make repairs, this option is really more effective.

    Most companies aim to drive traffic to the site. This is logical, because it’s very difficult to prove your competitiveness by comparing small and simple ads in search results. And for most areas of business it is impossible, since you will not be able to present a product or service in two offers.


    Paradoxically, the logic of promotion in mobile search will be slightly different. Although the images are even smaller and the text is even shorter, users around the world often prefer to click-to-call instead of visiting the site.

    How does a mobile search audience differ?


    Want to sell - do it fast

    Global sales performance depends on how quickly you are able to deliver it. What to consider:

    1. You need to have lightning-fast logistics set up (when selling in the USA or European countries, you should not make the customer wait a month - it’s better to rent warehouse in the country).
    2. You must be prepared to receive calls. The mobile industry is a telephone order generator, so tune in to answer a large number of calls in perfect English or Chinese. Recently, we have prepared detailed infographics on the topic of orders from mobile search.
    3. Set up a schedule based on the time zone of each of your target markets. To do this, Google Adwords has a convenient extension “Phone Numbers”, where you can configure the local issuance of the corresponding numbers with an indication of the schedule for each of the ads.
    4. Do not expect everyone to call. You need the most solvent and ready for quick decisions audience. No matter how progressive Europeans and Americans may seem, even their mobile sales do not affect all segments of the population. There will always be conservatives who prefer the traditional sales algorithm, instead of the new dimension that 4G technologies offer.

    Look at your sales via smartphone screen

    Analyze each action of users from mobile search separately from the rest of the Internet. This segment should be completely separated from the general traffic with the calculation of KPI:

    as similar to those used for desktops:
    1. conversion rate;
    2. transaction rate;
    3. CPC revenue
    4. Visitor income
    5. average check;
    6. LTV metric

    and special, only for mobile:
    1. site loading speed;
    2. conversions for specific operating systems (Android, iOS).

    Consider the fact that a mobile phone user needs a solution right here and now. Try to customize your ads to offer the best deals based on their physical location.

    In order to analyze the behavior of mobile users, there are many special tracking programs (user behavior inside mobile applications), which were brought together in a recent review by Marina Bril, head of the Netpeak mobile advertising department.

    In addition, you need to analyze the conversion through calls. There are call tracking services for this., which provide recordings of conversations, statistics of traffic sources up to keywords and allow you to prepare detailed promotion recommendations for PPC specialists.

    Why are separate mobile marketers needed?

    Here is a list of everything you might need for a successful advertising campaign, taking into account mobile search:

    • mobile website / landing page;
    • mobile web analytics;
    • call tracking;
    • iOS and Android apps
    • contextual advertising for mobile search.

    It is logical that for all this list of activities you need a special person who will work for mobile KPIs with a separate budget and a separate reporting form. This audience will have distinctive behavior from traditional Internet users that needs to be tested and analyzed. The clearer the mobile-friendly solution you can develop, the wider your audience worldwide.


    The only advice: avoid too aggressive messages and push notifications (it is better that they appear no more than once a day, or even less), since a smartphone is a personal space of users in which there should not be anything annoying and intrusive.

    Learn more about call tracking on the Ringostat blog .

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