10 IT skills that will bring you an annual salary of more than 130 thousand dollars in the USA

    The well-known resource Dice.com, dedicated to the labor market and job search, recently published the results of a survey conducted in the fall of 2015 in the United States, in which 16 301 people with IT professions participated. As a result of the questionnaire, a list of average salaries was created for people with certain skills that are in demand in this industry. But do not forget that to get a good job with a decent salary, some skills may not be enough - you also need experience.

    10. Puppet - the average salary is 131 121 dollars a year.
    Puppet is IT automation software from Puppet Labs, one of many young companies that are part of a huge trend in the technology world, called DevOps. This is one of the methods of software development, in which software developers and a team of employees involved in information technology maintenance use special techniques that allow the process of rapid deployment of technology.

    9. MapReduce - the average salary is 131.563 dollars a year.
    MapReduce is a distributed computing model that is used to analyze huge amounts of data in computer clusters.

    8. Pig - the average salary of 132.850 dollars a year.
    The currently very popular Pig tool is a programming language and runtime environment for running scripts. This tool allows you to get information from Hadoop, find answers to questions and use the available information.

    7. Chef - the average salary of 136.850 dollars a year.
    Chef is an IT automation software that is part of the DevOps trend mentioned above. Chef is a competitor to Puppet.

    6. CloudStack - the average salary is 138,095 dollars a year.
    Cloud computing is another trend. In the IT world, there is a struggle of cloud operating systems. Some of them are open source, one such example is CloudStack, a software for creating, managing, and deploying a cloud services infrastructure created by Citrix and currently owned by the Apache Software Foundation.

    5. OpenStack - the average salary is 138.579 dollars a year.
    Another free open source cloud operating system. It is supported by many developers, including IBM, HP, Red Hat, Ubuntu and many others.

    4. PaaS - the average salary is 140.894 dollars a year.
    PaaS is a “platform as a service” that allows developers to create applications in the cloud. The Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform is perhaps the most striking example of PaaS.

    3. Cloudera - the average salary is 142.835 dollars a year.
    Cloudera is a commercial version of Hadoop. Hadoop is a free open source project for storing huge amounts of data on low-cost servers, but for all its free software, this software is not so easy to use. So several companies created nicer versions of Hadoop, and Cloudera became one of the most popular.

    2. Cassandra - the average salary is $ 147.811 per year.
    Apache Cassandra is a free distributed database management system. This is a noSQL-system that allows you to store data of different types and volumes. Apple actively uses Cassandra to store more than 10 petabytes of information.

    1. HANA - the average salary is 154,749 dollars a year.
    High-performance NewSQL HANA platform developed by SAP, a competitor to Oracle. HANA is the brainchild of yet another trend in storage technology, known as in-memory computing technology.

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