Nio places 18 battery change stations covering more than 2,000 km of motorways.

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Until now, in the world of electric cars, no one has succeeded in changing batteries. However, Nio is making great efforts to deploy 18 battery change stations, covering more than 2,000 km of the highway.

Companies attempting to create such a network have been defeated. Tesla had its own system for changing batteries, however, it seems that they abandoned this idea, and the company Better Place (Better Place) went bankrupt.

Yes, we can say that Tesla didn’t really try and relied on fast charging (Supercharger), but “Better Place” was a little ahead of its time.

Now it's Nio's turn to try to bring to life the battery change technology.

Earlier it was reported that the company Nio is building its station to change the batteries, just opposite the Tesla Supercharger fast charge network

- thus emphasizing that potential customers have more options in how to quickly charge their electric car.

But, this was only the beginning because today the NIO startup has opened 18 stations for changing batteries, which are located on the territory of 14 service centers. They are located along the G4 highway, which connects Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Guangzhou and other important cities.

At a press conference dedicated to the opening of the network, the company noted that this is the first network of several.

The co-founder and president of NIO, Lihong Qin, commented on the statement:
“With the support of our partners, we were able to spend a lot of time on installing our network to change the batteries. This was done with the goal that our customers do not feel discomfort while traveling on the highway. The opening of our network on the G4 highway is a new experience in charging electric vehicles, as opposed to gas stations, ”
In addition, the company stated that
“All owners of ES8 Founders Edition electric vehicles, as well as those who have made a deposit for an ES8 Standard Edition car, will be able to carry out 12 free battery changes every year at any service center in China.
The company's plans also include the installation of 1,100 stations for changing batteries until 2020.

Last month, the company reported that 3350 units of ES8s (their electric SUV) had been delivered since production began this summer.

Electrek Position

I increasingly believe in Nio. They develop electric cars, create infrastructure, open their stores and service centers. In my opinion, they do the right thing.

Nevertheless, I have never personally seen or conducted test runs on an ES8 electric car, but I heard only positive reviews.

They have serious ambitions for entering the world market, so I will have the opportunity to test this car in the near future. Otherwise, you will need to go to China.

If you have experience with Nio or with their car, feel free to share your thoughts.

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