Let me introduce myself - StaffCounter project

Hello, dear inhabitants of Megamind!

Our company is engaged in cloud services of activity analysis on a computer. For 5 years we have been developing and supporting the online service of Parental Control KidLogger.net . To date, he is helping 300,000 parents keep track of how their children use computers and smartphones. Based on this well-established technology, we decided to create a corporate service for small businesses StaffCounter.

This is a fully automated time tracking system that evaluates the employee’s productivity level based on a detailed analysis of his computer activities.

Staff counterunique in that it provides the essentials for controlling employees for free. And for managers who really need to get complete statistics and make decisions based on reports, there is a full-fledged service for evaluating productivity and accounting for working time. This helps in cases where these reports are used to optimize business processes.

Free employee control

As practice shows, most of our customers use StaffCounter only for employee control. And this means that comprehensive analytics, timing, reports by numerous metrics simply do not need them. The service is used as a psychological factor for employees, so that they understand that their work will not be left without attention, even when the leader is absent.

Given this experience, we decided to offer a free service for monitoring employees at the computer. Its functions are sufficient to inform employees about the activities of those who do not expect more than additional control from such a service. The decision not to take money for this came after we calculated how much each free client costs us, and realized that we can afford it. In addition, it is simply more honest with respect to customers who simply do not use additional functions.

Time Tracking and Productivity Measurement
This service is for those who need detailed time tracking, statistics and automatic analysis of staff performance. The productivity measurement tool works completely autonomously, without requiring any involvement from the leader. It is enough to spend 10 minutes to configure and indicate which categories of programs and sites are productive and which are unproductive.

Automatic Violation
Alerts StaffCounter can independently check performance reports, saving manager time. The service is equipped with notifications of the following violations: the proportion of unproductive or unknown sites and applications amounted to more than 50% per working day; the employee did not come to work. You don’t even need to log in to your StaffCounter account. It is enough to pay attention to notifications.

Security and data protection
We pay special attention to corporate information security, therefore we publish the open source code of our products. Everything in the program is completely transparent, we use open standards for the safe transfer and storage of data. Only the name of the window or process is transmitted to the server, and never - a full link to a specific document or page on the site.

The service also ensures the confidentiality of personal data (passwords, accounts), personal correspondence and any other typed text, does not record sound and video. The technique issued by the employer is, of course, designed to work, but we do not approve of interference with privacy.

In the following publications, we plan to talk about this:
- as we thought, how many free clients we can contain on our server Dell PowerEdge R730;
- experiments with monitoring Android smartphones
- how the KidLogger.net service for Android influenced its removal from the PlayStore, etc.

We will be glad to hear your opinion. And if you are a leader, share your experience or case.

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