Upgraded QR codes. The story of a sad experience

    Closed another project, I want to share my experience! The main idea of ​​the project is the creation of a studio specializing in the development of designer QR codes. Under the cut: creation from an idea to implementation, budgets, implementation and conclusions, as well as work from a portfolio.

    QR codes, as such, became interesting after the release of the Google service - Sesame QR (then I did not know that the Google project would be closed soon). For the availability of free resources and an interesting domain, the idea of ​​a possible business arose. The idea developed after reading one of many articles on the modification of the design of QR codes, while maintaining their readability.

    Market analysis showed that there are practically no players in this niche. Consulted with a full-time designer: implementation is possible, the cost is low.


    Creation of a site for advertising and product sales: 500 euros. - minimal design and development.
    Creation of 10 codes for a portfolio: 1000 euros - 100 euros per code: on average, it takes from 3 to 5 hours for a designer to create a code.
    Online advertising: laid 500 euros for initial feedback from the market.
    Own resources: 55 hours. 20 hours to write and develop a concept. 20 hours for correspondence with potential partners, 15 hours for meetings.

    Total: 2,000 euros (+ domain and host) and 55 hours of time.

    Significant resources, however, and the exhaust from this project could be quite promising: a niche studio in a rich and developing market. On average, it was planned to request from 300 to 900 euros for the implementation of the QR code, depending on the complexity and development of the concept.


    The site and portfolio were implemented within 1.5 months. At the same time, the product concept was written and approved. An example for the portfolio was taken by existing brands-companies operating in Estonia. When the site was launched, advertising was activated: 10 days at 50 euros, and letters were sent to prospective partners: printing houses, portfolio companies, advertising agencies.

    From the good news: almost all the companies in the portfolio responded, 8 meetings were held.

    Their bad news: all companies were large enough and had their own design resources. An advertising campaign in Google brought about 10 contacts, not one went to existing customers.


    This product is possible and interesting and promising, but its sale to the target audience is difficult due to its narrow focus - most enterprises saw its use only during advertising campaigns or promotions, or had the opportunity to sell it on their own. The project was decided to close due to futility. Of the customers, they have not received anyone other than Vene viisa and Sushi .

    I will be glad to feedback.

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