Under the radwaste "digging up": the investigation suggests the authors to write in writing to accuse the organization of causing material damage

    On Tuesday, December 1, Russian producers, members of the copyright council of the Russian Authors Society ( RAO ) and its managers discussed possible changes in the work of RAO. It was a meeting planned in advance, at which topical issues were raised, such as a change in the legal form of society, the powers of the supervisory board, and others.

    But the participants in the discussion demonstrated a special attitude to the issues of reforming the radioactive waste. Mindful of the “dark” history associated with the withdrawal of the organization’s assets, RAO members invited investigators to the meeting. They are investigating the details of the alleged theft of RAO assets. Representatives of the law and order argue that in order to expedite the investigation and the possible initiation of a criminal case, the authors themselves must tell the law enforcement authorities that the activities of RAO caused them material damage.

    So far, the authors have not made a unanimous decision on filing complaints. However, the members of the copyright council of RAO proposed an independent audit in the organization. Based on its results, it will be possible to make a final decision on whether it is worth filing applications with law enforcement agencies.

    True, not all members of the copyright council were present at the meeting, and no concrete decisions could be made at this event, a Vedomosti source said . For this, a meeting of the RAO copyright council, the organization’s main governing body, should be organized. Such a meeting will take place sooner or later, he is sure. The exact date is not yet known.

    This summer, the Main Department of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption of the Ministry of Internal Affairs conducted an audit of the four subsidiaries of RAO - CJSC Service and Operational Company (CEC), CJSC Management Company Media-M, CJSC Media Management and CJSC Management Company Musical Olympus. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in 2012-2014, RAO transferred property worth 557 million rubles to the balance of these companies, after which three out of four companies were liquidated.

    At the beginning of November, a representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs informed Vedomosti that criminal cases were not instituted due to circumstances of the withdrawal of assets by RAO subsidiaries.

    RAO confirms that an audit is ongoing against individuals. But so far the competent authorities have not established the fact of theft.

    November 24, Megamind wrotethat a member of the copyright council of the Russian Authors Society, Igor Matvienko, at a meeting of the Culture Council under the chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, said that RAO was not functioning, and the organization’s accounts were blocked. According to Matvienko, the size of the theft of his "hair stood on end" when he looked at the documents. The composer said that members of the society testify that we are talking about an amount of about one billion rubles and that the case is preparing for transfer to the prosecutor's office.

    On the same day, RAO officially denied this information. The organization claims that as of November 24, 2015, it is operating normally, royalties are collected, distributed and paid without interruption, and information about the “transfer of cases to the prosecutor’s office” is fiction.

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