Copywriting Basics for Push Notifications

    Push notifications are not a communication channel in which you can attract attention with a bright image. The effectiveness of browser push depends solely on the ability to embed the essence and hook using text with a length of less than 200 characters. It is a feasible task, if you figure out what and in what cases to write.

    In copywriting push notifications, there are three basic rules:

    Conciseness. Short messages have a higher conversion rate. Therefore, it is not necessary to fill in the text with all 200 characters. The shorter the message, the more subscribers will read it (even out of the corner of the eye). The main thing is to convey the proposal to the reader. All the advantages, features and removal of objections depend solely on the landing page to which the link from the push notification will lead.

    No questions asked. Rhetorical questions in the text of a push notification should be discarded. Only specific offers and minimum descriptions.

    The whole point is in the title.As with any other selling text, the title decides a lot. Google Chrome displays 50 characters in the header of push notifications, but Apple Safari - only 42. So, if you plan to send messages with the same content to users of one and the second browser, it’s better to focus on 42 characters for a catchy header.

    Further, the text depends on the goals pursued by the push notification:

    Announcement of new content (notifications from blogs, news portals)

    • Do not write abstractly “We have a new article”. In a push notification, it’s better to immediately describe what the new content is about.

    • Add to the notifications a standard icon that will immediately be associated with the site. And do not change it from message to message. Safari does not display the sender name in the browser push notification, but the icon will work fine for website recognition.

    Promotion Announcement

    • Use the words "promotion", "discount", "sale" in the header of push notifications. They attract attention perfectly.
    • Immediately write about the time limit or the quantity of goods.

    Announce New Features

    • The title is the essence of the update.
    • In the text - how can this be useful to the user.

    Trigger push notifications

    • In the header, write the essence of the action (Order sent; received {{product}} that you were looking for, etc.)
    • The main text you need to return the subscriber to the site. Even if you simply inform about the sending of the order, complete the message with the phrase "you can track the delivery route in your account on the site" and give a link to your account. We all understand that where there are repeated visits to the site, there is loyalty and additional sales.

    Push notifications technology already allows you to get an audience awareness of 90%, and simple guidelines for writing texts for different push-s will help increase the number of visits to the site.
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    Konstantin Makarov, CEO of SendPulse mailing service .

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