Why go to IT conferences, even if you are not an IT specialist?

    This fall, for the first time, iChar employees attended one of the most important IT events in Russia - the ISDEF 2015 conference. For many years, it has been organized by the Independent Software Developers Forum ( ISDEF ), founded in 2002. This is a non-profit organization designed to represent and protect the interests of developers. The conference helps to keep abreast, improve software development and implementation, make it better, and business more successful. In addition, at the event, participants can always get new and reliable information about the market and find partners.

    In addition, last Saturday, our leading IT recruiter, Victoria Peredova, made a presentation in the IT HR section at IT Global Meetup- beloved party of all IT specialists of St. Petersburg, which takes place three times a year. iChar came to the meeting, one might say, in full force - and enjoyed it a lot.

    Do you know what we think? Going to IT events is interesting not only for developers. IT conferences, rallies, meetings and festivals will be of interest to anyone who has any contact with IT, and that’s why.


    1. Be in context

    If you read Megamind, your work is probably related to IT and you follow the industry news. Conferences are a simple and enjoyable way to find out about the latest market news, colleagues' developments, and foreign practices. IT conferences are a reliable source of information about how the industry lives and what it discusses. Such events are always a source of inspiration, which charges with drive and new ideas. Want to get food for thought and learn new things? Welcome!

    2. Make useful contacts

    At the conference they go not only for new knowledge and ideas. If you want to, you don’t want to, you will meet someone and acquaintance will surely be useful. Professionals from different cities gather at industry conferences and create a favorable environment for networking, largely due to the special atmosphere - friendly and at the same time active. IT is a dynamic, close-knit and vibrant community, and also friendly to beginners. IT events provide a chance to join the community, feel part of a global and interesting process and get real pleasure from it.

    Communication at an IT conference will necessarily be productive - in a professional, business or personal plan. Want to find partners? Customers? IT solution providers? Everything will turn out at the conference - not only to get to know them, but also to receive feedback from knowledgeable people about them. In addition, conferences are an excellent occasion to declare oneself. They came to nobody known - they leave, being a good friend of a good half of the audience!

    3. Get rid of stereotypes and help others in this.

    We rather didn’t get rid of stereotypes, but rid others of them. IChar recruiters communicate daily with IT professionals, so they have not believed for a long time that "IT people are closed and uncommunicative people." As a rule, the opposite is true: they have a wonderful sense of humor and a broad outlook. But stereotypes about recruiting had to be fought.

    The first myth: there is nothing to talk about with recruiters (and it’s not worth talking to). Our lead IT recruiter, Victoria Posledova, needed to make an effort to dispel him. First of all, she spoke with ISDEF participants about the specifics of selecting IT staff - and at the same time about literature, music and cinema. At the IT Global Meetup, during her report, she talked with the audience and answered questions. And you know what? Happened! IT professionals were pleasantly surprised that a recruiter could be such an interesting conversationalist.

    Myth two: recruiting agencies do not work remotely. This opinion is especially widespread in regions far from St. Petersburg and Moscow. In fact, recruiters do not need to conduct personal interviews with candidates: they are successfully replaced by skype interviews. That is how we find candidates for relocation to Moscow, St. Petersburg and abroad.

    4. Share with colleagues what you know yourself

    The more active the members of the professional community, the faster it develops - this was told to us by one of the ideologists of the St. Petersburg IT professionals association Piter United Mikhail Ryzhikov . We completely agree with him. Sharing knowledge is a noble cause: it moves progress forward and helps to find answers to “sick” questions. For example, at IT Global Meetup, our report was devoted to a problem that is familiar to many HRs - reasons why new employees do not pass the probationary period.

    Why do we need new knowledge if nobody uses it? Hence the conclusion: share knowledge with colleagues so that the industry develops faster!

    5. Have some fun

    The schedule for IT conferences is always tight. The educational program begins in the morning and smoothly turns into an entertainment one, and the importance of joint entertainment can hardly be overestimated. Friendship is struck here and those very vivid memories are found that bring people together. Going to an IT conference, get ready to give your best. It will pay off in full - impressions, acquaintances and new knowledge.

    Instead of a conclusion

    IT-specialists, as well as close and not very close people to them! Go to the IT conference! Be in the subject, in the context and in the IT community! Learn new, meet, ask questions and answer them! This will only benefit you and your colleagues.

    Thanks to ISDEF and Piter United for fruitful cooperation and a lot of new experiences!

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