Which companies do advertisers want to collaborate with: Digital Index 2015

    AdIndex conducted a study of PR, advertising and digital agencies in Russia. Its result was the Digital Index 2015 rating. The criteria were taken to be the agencies' popularity among customers, the market share of players based on experience of confirmed cooperation, and expert assessments of the quality and effectiveness of cooperation with companies.

    AdIndex experts found out how advertisers evaluate the status of different segments, what they see as the main problems, and what claims are most often presented to contractors. A market average rating has become a criterion for the formation of a pool of recommended contractors (who received ratings above the market average).

    Researchers also conducted a survey of customers of digital agencies and invited them to answer the following questions:

    • How to choose a contractor for campaigns in the online environment?
    • To whom to go for flexible prices, and to whom for perfect customer service?
    • Who is the best of the best in expertise?

    Analysts formed ratings of knowledge, cooperation and satisfaction with cooperation in 12 examinations:

    1. Display banner ads
    2. Display video ads
    3. Contextual advertising
    4. SEO
    5. Digital Creative Service
    6. Web Production / Support
    7. Mobile Production
    8. Digital PR / SMM
    9. Lead generation
    10. Programmatic Buying
    11. Direct Marketing
    12. Mobile Marketing

    AdIndex notes a non-profit approach to ranking and openness to all market participants. As before, the rating was based on a survey of advertisers. Customers were asked to name (with a hint) all the contractors they know in different disciplines: online media advertising purchases (banners, pop-ups and other similar formats); placement of contextual advertising (commercial links in search results and profile resources); development and conduct of advertising campaigns on the Internet and so on. Then it was necessary to indicate the agencies with which they collaborated over the past three years, and evaluate the quality of services and pricing policy.

    Specialists from the following companies were invited to the study:

    1. Top 1000 largest buyers of online display advertising
    2. Top 1000 in terms of total advertising costs (AdIndex rating based on TNS monitoring)
    3. Companies whose presence on the Internet irrefutably proves the proper level of digital expertise.

    Since the most accessible and obvious metrics are pages on the Internet (sites), this side of the issue was studied and their own opinion was drawn up on the advisability of inviting certain specialists to the survey. As a result, about 400 respondents had to be rejected, since the level of work carried out under their leadership or their forces would not make their vote significant for the market. As a result, 3300 experts were invited to the study, writes AdIndex.

    Based on the responses received, ratings of induced knowledge (knowledge with a hint) and cooperation were formed. Customer ratings formed the basis for the rating of satisfaction with cooperation (quality rating). It included agencies whose opinion on the service was expressed by at least 2% of experts using the service.

    The AdIndex publicly available site provides only a general rating for the quality of service. Knowledge and collaboration ratings will be published on Tuesday, December 1.

    Satisfaction Rating Leaders

    A more detailed table with comments is available here .

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