Business breakfast with Trucker Path: how to conquer the States and get enough sleep at the same time

    Already tomorrow, Tuesday, December 1, at 9:00 we are holding a new AppTractor business breakfast, dedicated to the important topic of application development in the States.

    Andrey Neverov, team leader of Trucker Path , will speak at breakfast .

    We will discuss:
    • how to conquer the States
    • how to work with developers and a team from different countries,
    • how to establish communication in a distributed team,
    • Do not go crazy and get enough sleep.

    The Trucker Path mobile app will share the secrets of its success abroad. The company is developing IT solutions for the American freight industry. Trucker Path has two main products: Trucker Path, a mobile information assistant for truckers, and Truckloads, a system for placing and searching goods.

    You can find our great interview on how the project is developing on our website .

    Participation is free, but registration is required on the website: .

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