How application developers increase profits in January

    According to new data, users download more applications during the holidays, with peak activity in January rather than December. In AdMob infographics, January is called Black Friday for monetization apps. Analytics gathered in collaboration with App Annie show that over the past season (holidays from October 2014 to January 2015) the number of application downloads increased by 20%. The number of ad impressions over this period increased by 30%. AdMob advises developers to take the following steps:
    • 1. Increase the cost of showing advertisements on holidays.
    • 2. Optimize your ads, refine targeting.
    • 3. Consider discount options for paid applications or even make them free for a given period.
    According to the infographic, developers could increase profits by 117% by adding in-app purchase ads. In addition, the use of interstitial ads will increase revenue on holidays by 20%.image

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