57 percent of users plan to install more mobile apps

A recent Localytics study shows that 92% of smartphone owners out of 1000 respondents plan to use applications the same way they do now (35%) or even more in the future (57%). At the same time, they are ready to easily remove useless applications.

According to Localytics, users will open a new application an average of 4.5 times before deciding to remove it. This first category is called "intermittent users." Others fall into the “hyperactive” or “impulsive” group. They run applications up to 15 times a day and use about 18 applications per month.

66 percent of respondents said they regularly go to social apps, 57% go to weather apps, 49% go to games apps, and 43% often open sports apps.

57% of respondents say they plan to install applications more often. About 61% of people manage all the digital aspects of their lives through apps.

The study showed that using personalized content and marketing messages in applications, developers will be able to retain more customers.

For example, 54% of respondents want the application to take into account their preferences.
51% of respondents do not mind that the application was aware of their latest actions and, based on these data, sent them informational and marketing messages.

36% of users are willing to provide data on their geographical location, so that this is taken into account when displaying content or sending advertising messages. 35% want applications to know about their latest actions in the real world (for example, about purchases) and use this information.

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