Despite recent public market events, Slack is developing an IPO preparation program.

    Slack founder and CEO Stuart Butterfield said in an interview with The Australian Business Review that the company has developed an IPO preparation program. The essence of the program is to be fully prepared when the time comes X and Slack deems it necessary to apply for a public offering.

    “We conducted our first external audit and put in order the management and security systems. We work a lot on data analysis and transmission mechanisms, ”said Butterfield.

    He also noted that Slack could reach an IPO no earlier than after 18 months. And this is provided that all the stars converge as necessary.

    However, venture capitalists are increasingly talkingabout IPO, as a kind of “lowering round” of financing. Indeed, immediately after an IPO, or after some time, the assessment of startups often falls and is much lower than in private rounds. This has happened with companies such as Square , Facebook , Groupon and Zynga .

    At some stage, these companies were reevaluated, and after the IPO they were simply returned from heaven to earth. In connection with what is happening, many analysts do not miss the opportunity to recall the phrase “dot-com bubble” that is pretty tired of the edge. That is, now, if a company gains a reputation not just as a “bubble”, but as a bubble that is about to burst, public and then private investors “turn away” from it.

    In less than two years of its existence, the corporate messenger has grown to an estimate of $ 2.8 billion. The app has 1.7 million active users daily. Four months ago, their number did not exceed 1.1 million. This indicates a 55 percent increase. Every day, the Slack audience is growing by about 5 thousand users.

    Slack was launched in February 2014 - almost a year and a half ago. In total, Slack raised $ 340 million. The company's investors were such funds as Google Ventures , Andreessen Horowitz , DST Global and Accel Partners .

    Today, the service is integrated with more than 900 thousand applications. Slack supports well-known services like GitHub, Google Drive , Trello , Twitter , Asana .

    November 20, the world's largest social network Facebook announced the entry into the market of corporate instant messengers. The company released the Work Chat app . Work Chat has group chat functions for discussing business ideas or for short instructions from superiors, as well as the possibility of individual correspondence.

    The novelty is positioned as a working tool for business people. Experts have already noted that the messenger should be in demand among users of Facebook itself.

    Despite the high growth rate of Slack, its audience is several orders of magnitude inferior to the project of Mark Zuckerberg, which can help the rapid popularization of the new service.

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