Yahoo declares war on users blocking ads

    The American giant begins testing a new system designed to identify those users who have installed applications to block ads and deny them access to Yahoo email. Now they will not be able to enter the mail until they disable the adblocks applications. This system to block users is already being tested in the United States.

    According to analytics by PageFair and Adobe, today more than 200 million people all over the world use programs that allow them not to view ads. This number exceeds the figures of 2013 by more than two times. According to UBS, due to ad blocking, the industry is losing about $ 1 billion this year alone. At the same time, PageFair and Adobe cite much less modest numbers, estimating the damage at $ 22 billion.

    Presumably, such statistics prompted Yahoo to such a radical decision, thanks to which the company hopes to increase its advertising revenue. However, many experts and ordinary users already have doubts about the correctness of this approach - will the American corporation lose a significant part of its audience due to so many aggressive policies?

    In general, it is worth noting that the war of users with advertising, and companies with users, has been going on for a long time, only gaining momentum. For users who block ads, companies have all kinds of “penalties.” For example, the British daily business publication CityAM is testing a system that distorts the display of newspaper pages for those Firefox users who use special software to avoid viewing hateful ads. In turn, a number of RTL channels provide such users with viewing programs only in black and white. The Guardian, Washington Post, and Bild online news media offer either a paid subscription (and then you can read news from resources by blocking ads) or not pay, but watch ads.

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