Mark Zuckerberg plans to take maternity leave

    Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg is about to take maternity leave to celebrate the birth of his daughter. He wrote about this on his Facebook page.

    Today, Mark posted a corresponding message in his account of the most popular social network:

    “Priscilla and I are starting to prepare for the birth of our daughter. We buy toys and books that we loved in childhood. We also think about how we are going to spend time during the first month of her life. This is a very personal decision: I take maternity leave for two months when our daughter is born.

    Studies show that when working parents take leave to be with their newborns, it benefits both children and families. On Facebook, we offer our employees in the United States up to four months of paid maternity leave, which can be used throughout the year.

    Every day it all becomes more real for us, and we are happy and excited to begin this new period of our lives.

    Here is a photo of our Beast dog with a stroller. I think he knows that change is ahead. ”

    It’s not easy to imagine Facebook without Zuckerberg, even though he has only been away for a couple of months. Back in July, he announced that he and his wife, Priscilla Chan, would soon have their firstborn. After that, for several months in the world of technology, discussions about gender equality and increasing the terms of paid maternity leave for employees of IT companies did not subside. During this time, several technology companies have improved their maternity leave policies. Since August this year, Netflix has been offering its employees perpetual paid decrees, and a little later, for the first time in its history, Amazon has offered the employee a similar opportunity.

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