Rating of the most effective ways to increase offline store sales: foreign experience

    It's no secret that mobile advertising has recently become one of the most effective, and at the same time accessible to companies with any budget. This area is so versatile and flexible that American marketers have been evaluating the privileges of its use for about a year. This allows not only to increase online store sales, but also to attract more users to offline stores!

    Why is it important? It is no secret that the average check of offline retailers far exceeds the checks of online stores. So what can this be connected with?
    There are several reasons, but the main barrier is a person’s desire to see a product live, feel it, try it on, compare it with analogs, ask a consultant for help.

    Thus, marketers do not force users to overcome this barrier, but rather use it in their own interests. The consumer comes to the store in order to purchase the required product in the advertised store, uses the coupon that was received on his phone and receives a discount on one product, while gaining access to additional impulsive actions.

    Any person is prone to impulsivity, and this is precisely the phenomenon of the micro-moment in marketing. And even the most experienced marketer can succumb to this temptation. There are practically no exceptions. And this is precisely the main reason for the popularity of offline stores and the shockingly large monthly average checks. However, soon everything can change.
    Below is a table of the most effective methods that are actively used by overseas marketers in their market. Thanks for this Marchex and Digiday statistics. Top - 7 methods of attracting users by means of mobile advertising and purchasing goods already through the online presence of the user in the store, data for October 2015 % - marketers surveyed: Mobile coupons - 31% Mobile version of the site - 18% SMS sending - 13.5% Advertising in third-party applications - 13% Offline beacons * - 11.5% Advertising in native applications - 11.5% Other - 1.5% Source: Marchex and Digiday * State of the Industry: How Mobile is Changing Marketing. ” Oct 27, 2015 *

    Off-line beacons (in-store beacons) is a small beacon, which in real time with an accuracy of 10 cm determines the location of the client within a radius of
    20 meters. As soon as the user enters the coverage area, the smartphone receives the Bluetooth signal from the beacon and shows promotions / offers / special discounts / photos, etc.
    Mobile coupons are confidently leading, and the eMarketer portal is forecasting an increase in popularity of mobile coupons by 2017 by another 7%.

    According to various sources, out of 10 issued coupons that reached a hot user, 8 are used either in offline stores, and if possible, online. With such optimistic forecasts in 2017, we can expect that only every 10 coupon will remain “dusty”.

    As for the so-called beacons. In Russia, unlike America, this method of advertising is not popular, however, US marketers note a sharp increase in popularity among stores, thanks to almost instantaneous effectiveness. The data from the above table is shocking. Nevertheless, forecasts portend a bright future for companies that have implemented such an option as bicoins in their marketing.

    In February 2015, users spent on purchases a total of more than 4 million dollars, thanks to the work of these beacons. The forecast for 2016 remains inspirational - more than $ 44 million is expected in total profit from such an advertising channel. BYYD • Mobile Advertising Platform

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