We have become Magento 2 Certified Partners

    Magento platform appeared on the e-commerce market only five years ago, but during this time managed to firmly consolidate its position. This is proved by the popularity rating and statistics, which we wrote about more than once in our blog on the company's official website.

    Today, the development vector of Magento Inc. focuses on Magento 2 - the second version of the platform with many new features of architecture and functionality.

    We are sharing great news with you about this - we have become Magento 2 certified partners (Magento 2 trained solution partner).

    Magento 2 certification process

    In order to become a certified partner, a team of specialists needs to complete a serious 100 hour training course. Frontend and Backend developers are trained.

    Training consists of several stages:

    1. Fundamentals of Magento 2 Development course for backend developers and Core principles for theming in Magento 2 course for frontend developers;
    2. Development of modules for Magento 2 and final exam testing;
    3. Quality control by leading experts at Magento Inc. Head Office

    An important feature of the training is that only Magento official partners have access to Magento 2 materials and programs, and only employees of partner companies can get certification for working with the system.

    To date, 87 official Magento partners from around the world have completed training, which totals 11,000 training hours on Magento 2 topics. We are the first Russian company to pass this certification.

    Why it is important

    It is worth noting that the demand for Magento 2 appeared even before the official release of the system. And further it will only grow, stimulating the growth of the development services market.

    The status of a certified partner Magento 2 can be considered a guarantee of quality and reliability of the selected partners. This is exactly the criterion for choosing a development team that you should pay attention to.

    We are proud to be one of the first to be certified to work with the platform. This will help us and the projects we create to reach a new level.

    We will be happy to give you advice and answer all the necessary questions regarding Magento 2.

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