The terrible truth about working in the IT field

Original author: Sarah Cooper
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The truth about working in the tech industry. Terrible facts from the life of techies. To tears.

If you think that finding a job in the tech sector will solve all your problems, then you are mistaken.

Work in such a company can be a real test for beginners, especially for those who drink heavily.

Here are 11 examples of experiences from those who dared to become part of the tech industry (these unfortunate people shared on Quora and Glassdoor).

Warning: some of the situations described below can cause very unpleasant emotions, so be careful. Not for the faint of heart.

1. All lounges are often occupied

In an ideal world, a prolonged afternoon nap would be the norm - but for some reason the laws of this world do not apply to lounges that are always busy. The time you spend waiting will be about 60 minutes, well, or you have to go to another floor. Or take a nap in the massage room. There is no normal alternative.

2. Restrictions on the consumption of free sushi

Sushi day is, of course, cool, but only 6 pieces in one go? And if you want more? This is really very bad. Will not work. We have to stand in line again. But sometimes there is no queue and you get another serving right away. Humiliatingly.

3. Lack of deadlines

No, there are still some deadlines (and sometimes it’s true there are no time limits), but you assign them to yourself and it makes absolutely no sense. If you do not have time to do something, then you just have to install another deadline. This is a rather unpleasant experience.

4. Sophisticated toilet system

You thought it would be difficult to learn HTML, but try to learn how to use this intricate cleaning system. You will break your brain. However, it will be possible after that to leave early from work. Everything is good.

5. Gifts that disappoint

You probably dream of a new phone or tablet, and so you get it, but not quite the one you were dreaming about. And even if this is the gift you were waiting for, you have to pay taxes yourself.

6. People talk too loud in shuttles

There is nothing worse than the loudly chatting colleagues on the bus between San Francisco and Silicon Valley. But if we talk about something that could be ANOTHER worse, it's worthless wi-fi in these same shuttles.

7. A small selection of desserts

Small creme brulee, lemon triangles, lime pie - but where is the gluten-free chocolate cake? Ah, there he is. But why do not the menu for the table with desserts change more often? There is nothing worse than predictability in choosing sweets.

8. Stolen weekend (when accumulated more than 30 days)

You think that rampant work will be rewarded with weekends, but the truth is that all days off will be taken from you when there are more than 30.

9. Sparkling water is not aerated

Sometimes sparkling water in automatic machines loses its carbonation. Imagine how you pour this pinching liquid into a glass and find that it looks more like water that was just stored in the refrigerator. Awful feeling.

10. No massage on a corporate yacht

Private boat trips are great, but why don't they get a free massage during them while you look at the bay and enjoy Margarita? This is probably done for security reasons. But upsets us all every time.

11. The gap with reality

This seems to be the worst part of working in a tech company: you quickly lose touch with the real world. You will begin to complain about such strange things. No one will understand you. You will soon become an alien, an outcast, you will have to spend even more time in the relaxation room (of course, if at least one of them is free).

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