How to build your dream business: a life story

    In comments on previous SmartProgress blog posts, readers were asked to describe occasions when the service helped people achieve their goals. Therefore, I decided to tell you about the wonderful story of Semyon Yaroslavlev, whose goal was to make the world a kinder place. Initially, he did not think about the fact that his idea could gain popularity and develop into an interesting project in which many people are involved ...

    How it all began

    It all started a few years ago when a girl working in a bank helped Semyon fill out a receipt. She was glad to help him, and our Semyon was very pleased that the employee did it from the bottom of her heart. However, he felt that he would like to thank her for her kindness and human understanding with something more than a simple verbal “thank you”. On his life journey, he was lucky to meet good people who shared their kindness with him, in response to which Semyon also wanted to give them something - a pleasant memory, a smile, a good mood. And then he came up with the idea of ​​creating “Dobrokart” - small cards the size of an ordinary business card, on which pleasant words of gratitude or simply phrases would be written to raise a person’s mood. Semyon also wanted to draw funny illustrations on “volunteers”, so that they make a person involuntarily smile. Such cards could be given to good people in order to make the world a better place. Big things start small, and even a small trifle can give joy and return colors to a faded world.

    First failure

    Thirsting for the idea of ​​good cards, Semyon decided to develop their own design. He tried to draw illustrations for them, but, due to the lack of any skills of an artist or designer, this idea failed miserably - the good cards turned out to be just awful. They were ashamed to give them to people, and therefore Semyon postponed the implementation of his idea into life until better times. However, now and then he returned to thoughts about his long-standing dream of making the world a better place thanks to these small rays of joy that can be shared with a sad passer-by or just a good person who has shown kindness. Often Semyon was sorry that the first attempt to create once conceived good cards turned out to be a failure, and he hoped to someday return to this good project.

    Introducing SmartProgress

    So five years have passed. And once in one of the articles on self-development, Semyon read about the SmartProgress service., which immediately interested him in the simplicity of the idea and its high-quality implementation. Semyon immediately decided to personally test this project and got acquainted with the work of the service. Everything turned out to be much simpler than one might have imagined. Initially, you just had to formulate your goals and break them down into stages. For each task, a deadline was required. And the plan is ready! Then it remained only to stock up on willpower and faith in one's own dream and go to one’s goal, consistently fulfilling all that was planned. In order to monitor our progress in this field, a diary of achieving the goal was compiled, which also helps not to stray from the path of the righteous and is the foundation for assessing success and healthy criticism.

    The most important thing was that, thanks to SmartProgress, Semyon managed to take a different look at his own goals, to understand what he really wants to achieve in life, and what he really would like to do. What previously seemed abstract and unattainable gained clarity and quite distinguishable outlines. In addition to the desires of prosperity and prosperity, which is not alien to most of us, he wondered what exactly he would like to devote his life to, what occupation would make him truly happy. The answer was simple: he wholeheartedly wanted to make the world a better place. But now he faced a new question: what exactly should be done for this?

    Second attempt

    Bingo! Semyon remembered his old idea, which several years ago he had not been able to realize. Then he had no idea that in a year his dream would not only become a reality, but would exceed all expectations, and people would love his idea and would be happy to buy his sets of good cards to share positive moments and joy with others.

    After all, what could be easier than holding out such a card to a person? It doesn’t matter whether you know him or not: this small gift will cause a smile even for a casual passerby and will be a reminder to him that people are not indifferent to each other, and the world will be filled with good. So Semen firmly decided to repeat his attempt, only this time to plan the path to his goal and persistently go to it. To begin with, he wanted to create a set of cards for himself so that he could give them to people.

    From thought to action ... Semen made a detailed plan of action. This time, he decided to use the services of artists to create illustrations. But, in addition, it was still necessary to think over the theme of the cards and decide where exactly they could be used. Not only the plots of illustrations depended on this, but also the texts that had yet to be invented. And also it was necessary to deal with a mass of such nuances that our hero had never even thought of before: for example, what quality to use paper and where it is better to print good cards. After all the points were completed, the goal became publicly available . And just then he found people, or rather, they found him. Later, Semyon will call communication with like-minded people the most interesting experience on SmartProgress.

    People and motivation

    It was the people whom Semyon met in the service community that impressed him the most. There he met many like-minded people who became his help on the way to his dream. Bribed by the fact that these other users were determined not only to talk about their goals and talk about dreams, but also to act for their realization. “This is a service of action, not mythical motivation,” he writes later in a story about his story. Users talk about their goals, create and publish plans for their achievement, read other people's diaries, find like-minded people, share their experiences and encourage each other.

    Surrounded by such people, you involuntarily begin to feel not only the desire to create, but also the responsibility for your undertakings, because now they support you, they help you with word and deed. The ephemeral undertaking earlier becomes something quite real and meaningful. It was thanks to the community that supported Semyon and was ready to help in every way that he not only realized his initial goal - to create good cards for himself in order to share good - but also realized that others also really liked his idea and mission. He saw that people would love to buy such cards in order to give them. Moreover: in the comments, people expressed their interesting ideas about the development of the project and the improvement of good maps. Many of them have been implemented. In addition to praise and encouragement, he received constructive criticism, which helped to avoid those mistakes which he certainly would have made, making decisions alone. In the SmartProgress community, he met those people who were happy to work with him: in this way he found great artists who were willing to work in the future on illustrations for good cards, and also assembled a team for his project.

    Long-awaited success

    On November 10, 2014, Semyon created his key goal on the SmartProgress portal, and a year later his project with good cards reached a completely different level, people started talking about him and writing in the media. Now Semyon already has a headquarters for artists and an excellent team, and volunteers received a new name - good cards. The project has a logo and a wonderful motto that instills faith in humanity: "# inevitable." Within a year, a domain was bought and a website was created , on the birth of which not only Semyon and the team worked, but also SmartProgress users. During the year, 16 thousand visitors visited the site, and the total number of visits exceeded 28 thousand. Gradually, we managed to resolve all issues related to the printing and format of cards.

    To support the site, groups were created in popular social networks: vKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram. On the last resource, the new project brought together about 800 subscribers. And all this despite the fact that no one was specifically engaged in the “promotion” of the project - people accidentally found it, became adherents of the idea and shared it with their friends. 12 artists worked on the illustrations. Over the year, the team and artists came up with more than 200 mock-ups of do-cards, 52 of which were approved and went to print.

    “Do good for the whole earth ...”

    But the most important thing for Semen is the understanding that he managed to infect other people with his dream. His project made others think that we all can do good, and if we really want to make the world a better place, then we need to start with ourselves.

    The story of Semyon Yaroslavlev was so liked not only by the SmartProgress community, but also by the creators of the service, that a video was made about it:

    New goal

    There is never much good, and now Semyon has set a new goal: by November 10, 2016 to give more than 100,000 smiles! But now he is no longer afraid that he will not cope with the task, because he has already taken the first steps to success and to the realization of his dreams. Now our positive hero knows where to seek advice, because communication in the SmartProgress community helped him to understand that people like his idea and they are ready to support it.

    The world has become kinder!

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