7 things we hate in sales, but we can easily turn into advantages


    As they say, to sell, you need to have a gift, or to study for a long time. Today this is not so important, because tools come to the aid of employees that are designed to easily increase the conversion into sales.

    You made a big deal. What could be better? Nothing beats the feeling that you, it was you who benefited the company in which you work, and that the time you spent on concluding the transaction paid off in full. Yes, when the work goes and the customers go in shoals - you are the king of the mountain. And what happens in those days when you make zero sales? When is everything bad? When does everything seem sad and dull?

    Let's face it, not everyone is given to be a seller. This profession requires endurance, stability and patience, and if you possess these qualities, then this work will be your vocation, which will pay off great.

    To be honest, there are days that are worthless. If you already have sales experience, then you are undoubtedly already aware of this dark side.

    Many still use the old techniques in sales, when new opportunities and technologies come to the aid of every seller. Let's look at the problematic aspects of sales and how to turn them into benefits in order to increase revenue. One example is the Carrot Quest service , which automates marketing processes and allows you to increase conversion.

    1. Work for bonuses

    What is bad: most often the seller receives a salary plus interest on sales or transactions. Yes, with special diligence, the effort will pay off with a salary bonus, but we admit: this work depends on how effective you are. But if suddenly a black stripe begins, then you have to be content with a salary.

    What's cool: the more you try at work, the more money you bring home as a bonus. Many sellers say that this is the main incentive, so they are ready to put up with the fact that sometimes sales fall.

    Yes, the risk is worth it. Real sellers know that despite a small salary and still unknown and guaranteed interest, the risk always pays off. The more you invest in sales - the more it all brings benefits and profits.

    Everything here is transparent and simple, because the RFP is proportional to sales. In other posts, the formulas are more complicated, which is why employers are afraid to tie employees to profit and earn several times more becomes impossible. Everything is possible in sales, you can use almost any tools to raise your results.

    2. Your success depends on the decision of the potential client

    Which is bad: regardless of how many calls you made, how many letters you sent, how much you laid out today, the final result of your activity will ultimately depend on the decision of the intended client.

    What's cool: newcomers to sales often focus on one side or another of work, forgetting that, as elsewhere, complexity is important in sales: quality and quantity. If you approach the process wisely, then the result is ensured.

    In general, the result directly depends on how you examined the needs of each client. Knowing what interests them and what their motives are, you will make the most relevant proposal.

    Let me give you an example of our Carrot Quest service. Is a service that knows information about each visitor on your site:

    • what pages he looked
    • which buttons did you press
    • from which channel came
    • what is his name, etc.

    ... and allows, based on these data, to bring 3 times more visitors to the purchase.

    When you know

    • what this user did on your site,
    • you see the whole history of communication with him (it doesn’t matter, he wrote in a chat or by mail - everything is stored in one place),
    • “Follow” him in real time,
    • you know from which channel it came from (for example, by what request from contextual advertising)

    ... then you’ll understand what to focus on to convey the value of your proposal.

    Even more possibilities appear when you have integrated Carrot Quest with other services. For example, call tracking services and CRM. You have in your hands a complete picture of your client. Communications are getting 2 orders of magnitude better.

    Personalization and an integrated approach will take your results to space.

    3. Do you have a plan

    What's bad: everything in the seller’s life is decided by the sales plan. A plan looms over you, even if everything else is fine at work. And imagine if that very black streak of life has come? In this case, the plan is seen as a kind of Damocles sword hanging above your head.

    What's cool: it's worth remembering that the management, providing you with a sales plan, does not take these numbers from the ceiling. Everything is carefully calculated and regulated (well, almost everything). Raising the plan can only be a sign that the business is growing.

    In other words, the fittest survives. The plan is a kind of measure of whether the seller gives all the best, or somewhere freebies and takes away from the work, or does not do it well enough.

    In order to fulfill the plan, first of all you should start working with more “hot” leads, which have already considered the possibility of buying from you. In Carrot Quest, you can distinguish various segments based on their actions, channels, properties, etc., all this will help to identify such groups of people that you will bring to sale without much effort.

    4. People think that you just want to “push” the goods

    What is bad: those customers who already had “happiness” to meet an annoying and persistent sales manager begin to block all attempts of an even more pleasant seller.

    Which is good : people often refuse the help of a sales manager, because We are sure that they will be hit by an endless stream of calls and letters with advertising of goods that they simply do not need. However, if you are sure that the user needs your product, that it will benefit them, then the matter is small.

    Top sellers realize that it’s much better, instead of forcibly imposing a service, to guess the moment when a client comes to a decision and help him figure it out. Be helpful and helpful.

    I’ll give an interesting example with the online chat, which we described in the article“38% of sales come from online chat. How to achieve such an indicator . " It turned out that a large percentage of users fall off at the last stage of the purchase due to a sense of risk. They are one on one with the monitor screen and no one can help them make a decision. This complexity is solved by chats (online consultants), because they are the only way to somehow contact the client at such a moment. According to research, chats provide 38% of all sales, and precisely because of the last step.

    We went a little further. We track users in real time ( live mode in the service ) and see which stage of the purchase each is at. Therefore, we begin to actively communicate with users when they are about to buy. Such a move helps to convince about 30% of those who otherwise would not have bought.

    5. Yes, it is a monotonous job

    What's bad: to succeed in sales, you need to repeat the same action many times. Once you understand that the phrase "Yes, our service is the best, since we have ..."

    What's cool: those very everyday, annoying actions eventually become the building blocks of the business, which build the company a clear line and a large sales volume, thereby ensuring profit and prosperity.

    There is a way out, you should segment the audience and work with it in stages. Highlight cold, warm and hot leads. Each group should have individual working methods. Do not waste your time on unpromising customers.

    6. You sell the same thing

    What is bad: you are constantly talking about the same thing. About the same service, thing, product, service.

    What's cool: each subsequent sale is unlike the previous one. Despite all the similarities, each client is unique with its own problems and needs. At the same time, you become a kind of expert in your field, who can really provide the client with exactly what he needs. And if you get a sense of deja vu, just change the outline of your usual communication with the client or the client segment a little.

    7. No - that’s all I hear

    Which is bad: yes, it is unpleasant when you are refused. Worse than this, only when you were refused 10 times in a row.

    What's cool: humble yourself. Hearing constantly “no” from customers is an integral part of this work, it is embedded in the sales process itself. The most important thing is not to discourage or indulge in sorrow when you were refused, but to instantly switch to a new client, to provide him with all the services and goods that the previous client had so unreasonably refused.

    To summarize. To sell is truly a vocation. Your personal qualities, of course, affect the way you perceive this work and the features of this profession. If what you just read above has confused you, think carefully about whether you should go on sale. If you are ready to face all these difficulties and receive for this good premium and interest on sales, then go for it.

    With pleasure, the team of the Carrot Quest service is a service that knows all the information about each user on your site and, taking into account this knowledge, allows you to increase the conversion to the first and repeated sales (via chat, pop-up or email).

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