Email Marketing in the Age of 8 Second Attention

    Duration of concentration of attention of an adult is less than that of a preschool child. As a rule, adults focus on a task for 8 seconds. The explanation for this is the impact of various factors that are constantly trying to turn their attention to themselves, thereby not giving the person a chance to focus on one thing for a long period of time.

    Let's look at some statistics:
    • On average, office workers receive and send 121 letters per day;
    • An adult is faced with 247 marketing messages per day;
    • 28% of the time is spent on social media, where marketing messages are plentiful.

    And these are just a few statistics that show us the number of messages processed per working day.
    But, despite the fact that users see a huge number of marketing messages every day, email marketing is now stronger than ever. Email marketing ROI is about $ 38 for every $ 1 spent.
    So, how do you get through the entire advertising buzz of the Internet and capture 8 vital seconds of customer focus? This is easy to achieve, but you may need to make some changes to your business.

    Email Campaign Rules to Retain User Attention


    A modern person has absolutely no time to read huge letters with a long introduction and the same points. The content of your letter should be short, information should be provided point by point - the ability to quickly run through it with your eyes highlighting for yourself the most important thing from the text. As for email marketing, less text is a better result.

    Within a minute you can run through the gases in the text and briefly find out all the news of the group. If any event in their life interests you very much, you can follow the link and get acquainted with it in more detail.

    Mobile version - must have any newsletter

    Take a look around and see that half of the people around you are surfing the Internet from your mobile device. These gadgets are gaining popularity every day. 40% of users start working on one device, and end on another.

    In 2010-2015, the number of open emails from mobile devices increased by 30%. In addition, 67.2% of users view mail from mobile and 42.3% from tablets.
    This means that if you do not have an adapted layout, then you lose most of your target audience.

    Spend a little more time, but make sure that the information is displayed correctly on each smartphone. The result will be worth the time and effort.

    The power of visual content

    A human brain processes an image in just 13 milliseconds. In other words, the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text .
    By using powerful visual content, you can ensure that your emails are viewed by subscribers in seconds.
    A striking example of this method is the distribution of Pizza Hut. The recipient can get acquainted with the company's advantageous offer in 5 seconds: order 2 large pizzas, a bottle of cola and choose one of three options for appetizers with sauce, including delivery for only $ 34.95. All that is required of the client is to click the green "Order" button and enter your details for delivery.

    Using visual content is not only a quick way to read, but also helps in better absorption of information.
    We hope that you are still reading the article because 8 seconds have already passed. To summarize, remember that email marketing is an effective way to attract customers, but you need to give them what they want, when it's convenient and so that you can quickly read it. You can do this by making sure that: your text is streamlined and you can easily run your eyes over it; the content is displayed correctly on the screens of mobile devices; uses visual content with a minimum of text.

    Konstantin Makarov, CEO of SendPulse

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