Faraday Future - Tesla's mysterious rival from the Middle Kingdom - may be the brainchild of LeTV

    Recently, there have been rumors about who is behind the mysterious electric car company Faraday Future. And while some believe that this is the work of the apple giant Apple, it seems more likely that Faraday Future belongs to the Chinese company Leshi Internet Information & Technology, also known as LeTV, which is also called "Chinese Netfix." In order to think so, there are many reasons ...

    First, the Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting, president of LeTV, said at the end of last year that his company had been developing an electric vehicle for a year and that he intended to acquire a license for the production of electric vehicles that could surpass the acclaimed Tesla Ilona Mask.

    In 2014, Jia Yueting described his plans for the construction of electric vehicles as follows: “This is our dream and passion. Look at the skies of China, all responsible citizens want to rectify the current environmental situation. It's true".

    According to various sources, this spring Jia Yuetin invested his own 1.2 billion dollars in LeTV, then withdrew this money, apparently hoping to support a new project related to the creation of electric vehicles.

    One can hope that the Beijing company is developing a “relatively affordable” smart car connected to the Internet. Recently, LeTV has hired first-class automotive engineers, luring them both from Tesla itself and from other American companies. It is possible that the Chinese giant plans to build electric vehicles not only for the domestic, but also the American market, giving battle to the enemy on its own territory.

    In the table below, we see that last year, LeTV ENV purchased office space in Garden, California.

    Further research suggests that Chinese film producer Chaoing Dan will take over as CEO of the company. According to information received from LinkedIn, Chaoying Dan holds the position of director of the Chinese company Le Vision Pictures, which in turn is a branch of LeTV.

    The Zapple New Energy Vehicle Company is perhaps another name for the future Faraday Future, as the LeTV ENV (or Energy New Vehicle) is listed as the buyer of office space in Garden for Faraday headquarters, which is 11,520 square meters in Garden.

    In accordance with the statements of "knowledgeable" people, the founders of Faraday Future are going to position the company as a competitor to Tesla, based in the United States. They are forced to take this step by the fact that "the Chinese do not want to buy Chinese products."

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