5 + 5 IT companies with cool corporate chips

    We coexist in harsh reality, where companies live by squeezing all the juices out of their employees, and the latter work for the sake of money, which they then spend on rest from their unloved work. Against this background, companies that care about the health and comfort of their employees and provide corporate bonuses look just like a gift of fate. We will tell you about these companies.

    Yes, there will be both Google and Facebook (although no, we changed our minds), and the bonus will be companies in which you can get a job tomorrow.

    1. Google

    The ubiquitous Google is not limited to chic, comfortable offices around the world, but also provides countless benefits to employees. It all starts with a full set of souvenirs and useful things for interns, continues with free lunches and the opportunity to invite a family to work once a week. We fill it all with free massages, yoga, a car wash, support for young mothers and investments in your education. Google, you are a namba van.

    1.5. Rocketbank

    Yes, these guys. Startup in the best traditions: flexible working hours, a projector, a playstation and a bicycle on the wall. Of the outstanding - a beach umbrella, wooden bananas and a woman who cooks smoothies and season hookahs. In general, Oleg Yurievich is jealous and is trying by all means to gain access to the forbidden drink.

    2. Zappos

    Holacracy - that’s it. Down with the managers and the concept of submission. Each employee should have the opportunity to influence the life of the company. Absolute transparency and a noble atmosphere of independence. In addition to these pleasures, Zappos pleases employees with the opportunity to do fitness for free and seek help from nutritionists, masseurs, psychologists and other expensive, but very important specialists. And in the office of the company there is a special room for sleeping.

    2.5 Ostrovok.ru

    Who boasts of their sleeping rooms? Ostrovka also has its own relaxation room with pillows and a massage chair. And also free meals for each employee personally, a gym on the floor and a swing in the hallway. Come in, see for yourself.

    3. Yahoo!

    Most company meetings are incredibly boring. But at Yahoo! Tom Cruise and Deepak Chopra sometimes come to meetings with interesting presentations and short stories for life. Can you already imagine how Grigory Leps comes to a meeting in Lanit? At Yahoo! know how to work and relax: the company holds corporate championships in volleyball, basketball, trains with coaches, goes to barbecue and concerts (Taylor Swift performed, for example).

    3.5. Alpha Lab

    Speaking of barbecue. In Alfa Lab, in addition to the coolest office, decorated in a superhero style, a democratic atmosphere and a game room, there is a comfortable veranda where employees can work with a cup of coffee or have a grill party after work. This year there will still be good days, so you will have time to enjoy all the benefits of working in the company.

    4. Airbnb

    Great office, nice work and like-minded people around - what could be better for productive work? Only bonuses of $ 2000 for traveling around the world. So the company attracts the right people and motivates them to create a wonderful service.

    4.5. OneTwoTrip

    In this company, developers have every opportunity for rapid career growth (a startup, after all). And also the opportunity to receive discounts on flights and accommodations around the world. For those who want and know how to combine work and travel - the company sends the best employees to work in an office in the United States.

    5. Cisco

    It was not enough for the company to give employees flexible working hours, healthy food, and birthday budgets. Work-life balance is a 100% feature of this company. All employees have the right to work remotely, and in order to increase the productivity of such work, the company has created its own telecommunication technology, which serves all areas from data storage and transmission to voice service.

    5.5. PROFI.RU

    This company step by step forms its own unique corporate culture. Casserole for breakfast, vitamin fresh, hours in the gym, which are counted as workers. And an additional bonus for those who live within walking distance from the office is a significant increase in salary. Employees come to work satisfied, and the environment does not suffer from exhaust fumes.

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