CouchSurfing's Largest Global Guest Network Changes Review System

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From the translator - Couchsurfing, in a nutshell, this is when people travel together staying with each other. Like free Airbnb. Yes it works. Yes, this does not always work. If interested, I can try to write a note about personal experience.

Each month, hundreds of thousands of couchsurfers get the experience of meeting each other. Testimonials are a great way to share your experience with this experience, and our community writes over a million reviews every month. People write reviews to express gratitude or give feedback, and they also read reviews to find out more about people they have not met. Therefore, we are confident that the feedback should be timely, honest and relevant to reality as much as possible, and we are pleased to tell you about some improvements in the operation of the feedback system onCouchsurfing .

1. If you have entered someone or have entered someone, then we will directly ask you about your impressions, instead of waiting until you yourself remember that you need to write a review. You will only see these “reminders” if you have been charged via Couchrequest or Public Trip.
(Couchrequest is a special type of CS address message in which you provide accurate information about the time of your arrival at the place of registration, Public Trip is the same message, but for the whole community, approx. Per.)

Guest or Party reviews should accurately reflect the experience of the meeting. We can’t remind you to write a review if we don’t know that you planned to meet, so when you plan to fit in with someone, use Couchrequest to clarify details and dates of arrival.

If you didn’t make an appointment through Couchrequest, you won’t be able to leave a comment on behalf of the Guest or Vbiska, but you can still do it on behalf of the Friend.

2. You have 14 days to write a review on behalf of the Guest / Guest. Reviews will appear in profiles either at the same time when both participants write a review, or after fourteen days.

Reviews should be honest and timely, so we want to give you the opportunity to write a review without looking back at what another member wrote about you. We also do not want to allow the possibility that the review was written too late, when the impressions of the meeting are already erased from your memory.

3. You will no longer be able to delete or edit the review.

All reviews, including those written on behalf of the Friend (or Other) should be a “photograph” of your communication experience, and not a novel with sequels. We want to remove the volatile nature of reviews in order to give other Couchsurfers the confidence that when reading a review they see an accurate reflection of the participants' impressions of this subscription.

If someone fit in with you many times (or you fit in with someone many times), you can write several reviews about him.

4. Now you can provide confidential feedback.

There are situations when you may want to send some additional information to our security team for information. This confidential feedback option gives you the opportunity to report on your stay that you would not want to go public.

We are enthusiastically engaged in improving the accuracy and timeliness of feedback. In future releases, we also plan changes in profiles, aimed at further emphasizing your experience in real-life interaction. Waiting for feedback.

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