Menus for menu, grids or bootstrap, convenience of convenience

    Hi, Habr! I haven’t written anything here for a long time , five years have passed since the time of my golden post about Opera switching to WebKit. But then there was a reason: I started a blog on YouTube . To understand why and what it is - see the pilot . In short: to disassemble sites and answer questions. And now you have the 9th edition with the answers to the questions. Under the cat details, links, mail for communication and a spoiler with the rest of the video. If they do not eat me here alive, I will continue to post new ones here once a week.


    00:00:17Menu for menu
    00:08:08Grids or Bootstrap
    00:11:49expediency convenience


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    Technique and software for shooting

    Камера: Lumix GH5, Lumix 20mm f/1.7 II
    Звук: Audio-Technica AT4053b, Lumix DMW-XLR1
    Свет: Aputure Light Storm 120t, Aputure Light Dome
    Софт: Final Cut Pro, iZotope RX 7

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