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    “Founder’s Tips” once again introduces Megamind readers to the stars of the IT market, the founders and managers of their own business.

    Eduard Gurinovich was born on April 20, 1991 in St. Petersburg.
    In 2014, he graduated from the Faculty of Economics of St. Petersburg State University, where he is currently studying in graduate school.
    The first business was opened at 16: it was an online store with the attributes of the Zenit football team.
    During his studies at the university, he managed to work in large insurance companies, and then, in his final year of study, open an Internet marketing agency that worked with orders from companies such as Yulmart and Yandex.

    In 2013, Edward won the first competition of young entrepreneurs of the Russian Economy Fund (founder Oscar Hartmann), where he met with Oscar. In April 2014, Edward sold his business and moved to Moscow to develop CarPrice . We asked Mr. Gurinovich to share his advice with the Megamind audience and that’s what we got.

    1. Growing a business from scratch to gigantic proportions you will overcome obstacles of different difficulty levels, in different aspects, external and inside the company, there will be a lot of factors that mathematically can kill a business at any stage. Risk and business are almost synonymous. The winner is the one who better than competitors manages the risks of the business, whether it is a corporation or a beer stall.
    2. Choose your niche and market correctly! A large tide raises even a leaky boat. A large market gives you more room for experimentation and a little more chance that the market will forgive your erroneous hypotheses.
    3. Optimize everything you can! Take care of every cent in your business, if you can not buy something, then it is better not to buy. ;)
    4. At an early stage, take into the team not only those who are ready to come to the startup for the sake of an idea, but professionals. Professionalism at the very early stage may seem utopian, but it will save more money in the future.
    5. The less partners / investors you have, the better. Honestly. Yes. the team certainly wins, not the founder or CEO, but any partner or investor imposes restrictions on decision-making, and at the very first stage it is better to take them quickly.
    6. If you want to go into business just to make a lot of money, then you better go to Gazprom! (c) True! The expectation of high income will be higher.
    7. Any business must be sellable. Already starting a startup, think about who it can be useful to and who you can sell it to. Start communicating with the investor in advance.
    8. Try to do a lot of tests and test a lot of hypotheses. It’s better to quickly make a draft version of the product and test it on the market, than to cut the Grail for years.
    9. Any business relies on mathematics and logic. Everything should be measurable and flow logically from each other. What we do not measure becomes uncontrollable.
    10. Get out of your comfort zone and don't stop growing and developing as a person! No money can buy you brains, and they can be grown only by solving complex, non-standard tasks.

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