Modern online marketing, what is it?

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In the continuation of a series of articles on the topic of value systems, you need to understand what online marketing represents today.


It is clear that I write based on personal experience and some may disagree with me. It does not matter, everyone has their own right to an opinion. Any ideas or comments will be happy to see in the comments.


Internet marketing is the practice of using all aspects of traditional marketing on the Internet, affecting the main elements of the marketing mix: price, product, place of sale and promotion. The main goal is to get the maximum effect from the potential audience of the site.

From this rather simple description of the concept, one can see a rather complex concept of an effective strategy for any site.

But let's move sequentially.

Aspects of Traditional Internet Marketing

Any aspect of anything is only part of something more. Aspects of marketing, you can call it tools - contextual advertising, search engine promotion, banners, articles in the media. And that will be the right answer. However, if we say or want to develop an effective basic strategy for any project, then this answer is incorrect.

The choice of tools is highly dependent on specific or another project. Although, you will say that the goals are always the same - to earn. But alas, I have not yet met a single successful businessman who would become rich pursuing a similar goal.

Consider the following examples:

Airline booking website publishing low-cost flights, goal: to form a convenient search for cheap tickets.

The site for booking housing in different countries, the goal is to create a convenient database for finding housing.
- Website promotion services (or creation), the goal is? try to determine yourself.

Why is the goal important for internet marketing?

In my opinion, the question of saving the budget and searching is not traffic to the site, but directly of potentially interested customers.

So far, is everything logical?

How to set a goal?

While preparing the material for launching the advertising of the search marketing course on facebook, I began to set a goal - to search for interested students who are ready to study, as well as pay for this training. But when setting up targeting, I realized that my goal is not true, and that means the whole strategy of future advertising can either fail, or become much more expensive than the planned budget.
So what exactly is the mistake? At first glance, I'm really looking for solvent students. (by the way, a week of advertising with a similar goal gave 0.0006% conversion).

But if you try to look into the heads of these people, you can make sure that they are all different and have different goals, and that means my goal should begin to resonate with them in order to obtain efficiency.

Nothing is clear yet?

Example 1
Imagine Vasya, who really wants to get a new profession and is focused on the goal of increasing his own earnings. He doesn’t know what Internet marketing is and, to be honest, he doesn’t care at all - his desire to get rich.
Such Vasya sees an advertisement - Search Marketing Marketing Course in Israel. And this does not catch him. Because in fact, he does not want to study - he wants to get rich.

It is clear that Vasya may have forgotten to explain that he is in flight without learning skills, but this is not important yet.
Generate an ad for Vasya - Search Marketing Course in Israel. At the end of the course, you will learn how to earn your first 100,000.

After the transition of a user like our Vasya, he will have to explain that it’s easy not to catch a fish ... but these are the detailsno, this is the most important part.

Vasya has yet to motivate to study, using his motivations, which will change as a result.

Example 2
Imagine yourself Vasya, from a parallel reality, which has the goal of learning how to promote sites, your own or others, is not important. For him, the main motivation will be the knowledge that he can get.

Our announcement mentioning the estimated earnings will not work for him completely and will be perceived as another scam. Why? It's simple, a person who is looking for knowledge, most likely often uses a search engine for this, and the likelihood that he attended courses that did not give him anything or did not meet the stated goal is quite high. Therefore, an ad with a mention of possible earnings will be perceived negatively at a subconscious level.

Then we have a dilemma, how to set up an ad so that it is perceived normally by both Vasya?
Answers, you can write in the comments.

I can say that solving this problem, I received more than 30 responses in 1 evening. And he gathered several groups for the course. About this in the next article in the form of a case.

And so, the correctness of the set goal greatly affects the result of your advertising. As can be seen from the examples with the wrong goal, I was looking for customers spending a week on advertising, with the right one - I found it in the evening.

Why is this all?

To the fact that Internet marketing is not a tool in itself. It is a collection of tools that you have chosen to achieve your goal. To begin with, it’s worth starting with the goal and studying the potential goals of your potential customers, only then approach the development of a promotion or promotion strategy.

I wrote about the course on my blog:, for which I developed a separate landing page about logic, which I will write in one of the following articles.

Thank you for your attention and productive promotion of your projects.
I would be grateful for your opinion in the comments.

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