On the benefits of "Classmates" and skiing. How did we do service for personnel officers

    Hello Megamind!

    If we omit the preface, we came up with a service. A utility that can make life easier for personnel managers and their subordinates, relieving them of routine work. “Invented” - of course, loudly said. It would be more correct to call it “responded to market demands,” which at the time of generating the idea was presented by two employees of one company. One of them was the head of the personnel service, desperately wanting to optimize the work processes in his department, and the other was the technical executor of the upcoming optimization. It so happened that this second was me.

    The fateful conversation took place at dinner.

    “This is not the case at all, ” he said suddenly, angrily blowing on a spoon with kharcho, “we sew in a natural way. Now ten people need to be taken, and hundreds of candidates. Today, four will come to interview - so torn to pieces. And then there’s still going to be ... Call everyone - assign a time, get directions, call back, make sure that he’ll come on time. And then suddenly it doesn’t work out - reassigned. In general, we spend time on some nonsense. You believe no, there’s no time to sit in Odnoklassniki, hoping for sympathy, he looked sadly into my eyes.

    I nodded knowingly with my mouth full.

    Suddenly his gaze fell on his dream: “ Can you make me such crap so that the applicants somehow make an appointment for me to interview me?” Well, like, we’re calling a suitable candidate for an interview, and he chooses his own time. How is an electronic record in the clinic ?!

    “Why not do it, ” estimating the amount of work, I answered slowly, “ time is needed.”

    - Three days is enough ?! - He looked at me hopefully and winked conspiratorially, - you're really uplifting, brother, and I’ll let you know about the prize before you know who.

    - I’ll have to tinker, of course ... But it is necessary - it means it is necessary. If anything, I’ll work from home so that I don’t spend time on the road - a note of selflessness sounded in my voice.

    They decided on that. By evening, everything was ready for me, but I did not rush to report and went home, anticipating an unexpectedly long weekend.

    ... On Monday morning, he flew into my office, beaming with triumph and full of new ideas. My weekend skiing, as a reward for my work, also pleased me very much - his enthusiasm soon passed on to me. Further more. Awareness of the importance of the mission went through the roof. At some point, we began to feel like Moses carrying the tablets of the Jews.

    ... The widget that I made to him on the corporate website gradually acquired additional features. We were overwhelmed with pride - they did the necessary and good deed. It was on this positive wave that the idea of ​​creating a platform for automated recording for an interview was born - a convenient and necessary working tool not only for our personnel officers, but also for all representatives of the profession.

    Our product is aimed at effectively planning the time of HR specialists and eliminating their daily work routine - scheduling interviews with a busy schedule, individually coordinating the meeting time with each candidate, sending him a travel plan, postponing the interview due to possible force majeure of the applicant and a lot of things of another.

    It’s not worth generalizing our service with the Headhunter and other staff recruitment sites. Record.com is NOT an online recruitment tool for employers and job search services for candidates. Rather, it is a functional extension for such services, a reliable assistant that removes some of the professional worries from managers and staff of recruitment services and simplifies their interaction with applicants. The latter are also not bad - they are given the opportunity to independently choose the time of the interview, to relate it to their other plans.

    The service is as simple as possible to use for both parties. After a simple registration procedure, the employer creates and places the necessary vacancy on the website Record.com, appoints managers responsible for the selection of personnel. Management of settings and vacancies is carried out in your account. The employer can also get accurate statistics for each HR manager about the interviews he conducted there.

    Two methods of self-recording an interview are available:

    1. The applicant receives a link from the eychar to the record page on the website Record.com.
    2. Through the widget provided by us, which the employer places on his website.

    In both cases, the candidate opens a window for recording an interview with one click and chooses a time convenient for himself and free for the HR manager on one of the proposed days.

    All information needed by a potential recruit (date, time and contact person) is in his personal account. You can cancel or postpone the interview if necessary here. This is done in a few clicks.

    As you can see, the functionality is very concise. But, as shown by working testing, the use of the service can several times increase the effectiveness of the recruitment service. Especially when she has to deal with a large number of applicants.

    Over time, through constant updates, our utility has become quite a useful tool. Now he mainly lacks one thing - testing his qualities by a wide range of users, for whom he, in fact, was created.

    Today is the day. Meet me!

    We do not claim to invent the wheel. It is possible that such applied tools exist, at least we do not know anything about them. We will be grateful both for ideas for new, useful features of our platform, and for constructive criticism.

    Using the service is absolutely free. We have the strength and financial capabilities to develop the project further, add new functionality that interests HR specialists to it. Feedback from users is perhaps the only thing we urgently need at this stage. Therefore we are here.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Does the HR sector feel the need for such a service?

    • 46.2% yes 31
    • 19.4% no 13
    • 34.3% find it difficult to answer 23

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