7 useful lectures for those who make media


    Demyan Kudryavtsev, Galina Timchenko, the leaders of VOX and Buzzfeed tell what is happening with the media now and what they will be very soon. If you are creating your own media or are planning to create one, be sure to check it out.

    You can’t trust anyone but your special cores

    Former Lenta.ru editor-in-chief, Medusa editor-in-chief Galina Timchenko at a master class tells how to get units of meaning in a “noisy” info field, and also restore the reader’s trust and attention.

    Keynote speech

    Jeff Jarvis, director of the online journalism program at the University of New York, said news is a service. Communication with the reader needs to be built on individual relationships or specific communities, and not as with a "mass audience". It is personalization that helps to reach exactly those people who are looking for your information. How to convey a message in a world where clickbait headlines and seals rule everything.

    Future on media

    Buzzfeed CEO John Peretti talks about the future of media through the prism of his publication. He argues how publications will distribute content in the future.

    What makes you click

    The head of the Vox Media publishing house, which includes The Verge, Polygon, Vox, Jim Bankoff talks about what makes people click on links and how to increase the number of clicks.

    Future media

    Demyan Kudryavtsev - the former general director of Kommersant, now co-owner of Vedomosti, the owner of The Moscow Times. His lecture is about what the media will be like in the future - after about 50 years, as well as the factors on which development depends.

    Users began to read differently. What to do media?

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    Editorial Director of Mail.Ru Group media projects Sergey Paranko tells why you cannot just write texts and why you need to understand your audience and its behavior.

    How to correctly explain the news

    The editorial manager of Mail.Ru Group Olga Sidorova in a short lecture talks about explanatory journalism: what news needs to be explained and how to do it.

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